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Hi :)
I'm Jami and welcome to my Blog!

The first thing you should know about me is that I love Jesus! He is my life and I try everyday to live out my life for Him. It's a tough road to walk and I stumble often but I strive to walk according to His standards.

The second thing you should know is I am deeply madly head over heels in love with my Husband ♥ We got married on May 17, 2009. We are newlyweds and are loving figuring out this thing called life together. He is the most amazing sensetive, caring, godly man I could have ever asked for. He loves watching romantic comedy's, cook's me breakfast (in bed!) and is Always there to listen when I need an ear :) He is my soul mate and I love him ever so much!

The third thing you should know is that I am a craft lady :) I Love love love scrapbooking, sewing, crocheting, knitting, cooking, digital things of all kinds, and soo many more. Blogging is a GREAT creative outlet for me and I love it! I have only been blogging since October 2009 and am already learning much about the wide wide world of blogging!

The fourth thing: I am actively seeking a way to make some extra income. We don't have kids yet but our plan is that once we have our first child I will stay home full time from then on {Lord willing}. So for now while I have the time I am actively seeking ways to figure out how to make a little extra money. I am currently so excited to be playing with Etsy and figuring out how it all works. I would love for you to check out my Etsy site :)
You can find our Etsy site HERE

Other than that I love and adore my family. I have an amazing set of parents and three wonderful little brothers. Yes, I am the only girl! Not only do I have a wondeful family but I love my In-Laws. Really, I do!! My Husband has the most amazing family and between his family and mine we have an extensive family net behind us.

Jason (The Hubby) and I are so blessed! God has been amazing to us and we are excited to see what God has in the future for us.

Things coming up: The Hubby recently graduated with his bachelors degree in Math and graduated in the top 10% of his class!!!  I am so very proud of him!! He is so smart and has been an amazing provider for us and I know when we have a family of our own one day he will be THE best provider. Even before graduating college he got a job that could quickly become his career and we are fairly certain he will be at this job for a long long time. I ♥ Him!
I am graduating from college in May 2011 with a bachelors degree in History and Biblical Studies. And no...I'm not using it right away. Haha I will hopefully be working full time in a secretary position of some sorts until we have children {Lord Willing}.

The last thing I'll share is that I wish I had lived in the 50's. I would have LOVED to be a 50's housewife! I share this with you just to say that is what I aspire to be. I know that is a counter cultural message today but that's okay with me! I want to stay home with our kids (when we have them..in a few more years) and homeschool them. I feel that God is calling me to be the best wife and *future* mother I can be. And the 50's housewife is just the sort I want to be :D

{Taken on our first year Anniversary}
Some more ways to get to know me:

  1. My 2010 word of the year is Intentional. I am  focusing on being Intentional about my life this year. Read more about that HERE.

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  1. I lost your email - please email me with it - sarahmae@likeawarmcupofcoffee (dot) com!

  2. Stopped by here from your Friday Follow post and I have to say I totally agree - being a 50's housewife would have been AWESOME! So many people complain about the whole "barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen" image of a housewife...to be honest, if that is all I had to do I'd be in heaven! I'd love to be able to focus on my hubby and kids and let hubby worry about everything else! hehehe :)

  3. Hi Jami!

    I found your blog through eLisa's Extravagant Grace. I look forward to getting to know you through this blogging community. God bless you and your hubby!

    -Stacey : )


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