Weekend with the Family

I'm a little behind but the weekend before last we went home to visit our family and had a great time. My grandparents from Pennsylvania had driven out to visit so we got to spend some time with them.

My Hubby only met my grandparents once and that was at our wedding. Haha and they didn't have much time to chat then. So it was a fun time of him getting to know my grandparents who live so far away.

Our cousins also came over to my parents house for the day to bond.
This is all of us. My Family, Cousins and Aunt, and Grandparents.

Remember a couple weeks ago when I wrote a post about longing to go to Apple Hill (No? I figured you didn't)? Well we got to go and I was so happy.

We got hot chocolate, apple cider, carmel apples, and fudge! Yummmy!!

And we got to stop by the place that we got married and snap a few pictures. It was a little rainy but as beautiful as ever!!

The Beautiful Iris Gardens where we got hitched.

Aaw Love this Man!

And we got stuck in traffic on the way home from Apple Hill but I got to snap some great photos of the local wineries.
This is what we moved away from. To go to Los Angeles. Sheesh..what were we thinking?!?

I am loving this Fall weather and all the fun things that go along with it!

What are you loving this wonderful Fall season?


Fall & Halloween items on Sale!

With Halloween just around the corner and Fall in full swing do you know what you need??

Well cute hair accessories of course!

And lucky for you my Halloween pieces are 50% OFF this week and my Fall pieces are 30% OFF.

Go HERE to get to my Etsy Shop to view the items
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Order today to get your Halloween pieces by the 31st...theres still time!!!

Go check out my fall and halloween items before they are all gone!

And most items are just $0.50 to ship with other items so get one for each girl in your family!

P.S.This post was done on my phone...sorry its not the best looking haha.


45 Days to a Better Shop

As some of you have know I have been working for the past couple months on a new Etsy Shop.

I have been having a lot of fun with it but just haven't had a lot of time to work on it. So I am trying to commit some more time to it.

I was debating for a while about using Artfire as well {Artfire is another handmade website similar to Etsy} but was hesitant to spend more $$ getting my shop up and online.

Well I decided to take the plunge and try it out for a few months. I've had my new pro account for about 2 weeks and so far I Love It! But more about that later...

I have been looking around this weekend at some great resources available on Artfire and came across this great 45 Day Guide to Artfire.

So for the next 45 days {Or more realistically a lot longer} I am committing to work through these 45 challenges to build a better shop!
If I'm not blogging very much then you know where I am.

Day One is Getting Rid of the Progress Bar {Here I come!}

So if you are a fellow Artfire Gal {Or Guy} then head over HERE to check out the great guide.

Or if you don't know what Artfire is all about then check out THIS article explaining some of the differences between Artifre and Etsy...and then sign up for an account!

Oh yeah..and you can check out my Artfire Shop HERE {It looks just like my Etsy shop right now but things will be changing...}


HOMEmaker's Challenge #2: Fashion for Less Edition

Today is Challenge #2 from The HOMEmaker's Challenge hosted by Amy Bayliss.

I have had so much fun the past two weeks with these challenges. But this week's was a bit harder for me.

Challenge #2 is called "Fashion for Less" and our challenge was to put together three new outfits without spending any money. Whew! This is hard especially since I have no sister's living close to me! 

But I made do and remade an old dress. 

This is the original. It is floor length. I wore to a dance in high school and have never touched it since. It's too long and too boring haha. {Sorry these photos are from my phone. My camera is dead)

And this is the re-done dress! 

I shortened the dress and took the excess of the bottom and made a cute sash belt for it. And then took some more scraps and made two matching flowers and a white flower just to add a little spunk. 

And while I only did one outfit and not three and while this is not exactly a new outfit since I probably still won't be wearing this for a while it is now a cute dress for something fancy and I'm so happy with the outcome!

I know all you crafty ladies aren't impressed ;) but I am! I only recently started sewing and this was my first attempt at altering something and I'm so happy with the outcome. 

And I am leaving in about an hour for an eight hour drive to go see family so that's my excuse for only doing one outfit. 

Can't wait to see what you all come up with! 


Longing for a Real Fall

Have you ever been to Apple Hill? It's located in Northern California.

My Guess is no..if you have been there then you will really understand this post! If not I'm sure you can still get the general feeling of it and appreciate Fall.

Well the entire point is that I.Miss.It! 

Apple Hill is a wonderful area about an 1 1/2 hours outside Sacramento and about 45 minutes from Lake Tahoe nestled right in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada's. 

Hubby and I moved over 2 years ago to the city {And 500 miles away} and I have dearly missed this beautiful country ever since. 

There's something about Fall that makes me long for hot apple cider, warm fires, apple picking, orchards, and the general wonderfulness of being outdoors. 

You know that little known painter Thomas Kincade
Well he grew up right down the road from Apple Hill {In my home town} and painted this beautiful picture of it

Now don't these photos just make you long for a hot fire, a warm drink and family all around?

This photo was taken in Apple Hill and was used for our Christmas pictures last year. 

Oh yeah...did I mention this is where we got married?!
 Told you I love Apple Hill

Well thanks for reading. I guess the sum of this all is that I am so ready for Fall!
Oh I know you are all saying "It Is Fall!" Yeah well...where I live the seasons don't really change

I'm ready for falling leaves and beautiful colors
I'm ready for cold weather and hot drinks.
I'm ready for great holiday meals.
I'm ready for great times with Family
I'm ready for the Holidays!

Who's with me?


Vintage 1950's Christmas Photos

Christmas is coming soon and that means...Christmas photos!! 

Hubby and I love photos and we have decided that every year of our marriage we would get posed photos done. So this year we decided to do something fun with them!

Along with some normal photos for our Christmas card we thought it would be fun to get some vintage photos done! 

Laura Newman's photography inspired me in this! 
I absolutely love her photos. 

So I thought it would be fun this year to get some fun vintage 1950's photos taken {Because I LOVE the 1950's!!!} 

I have been looking around at some fun inspiration and wanted to share with you all. 

I think the milk shake idea is oh.so.cute!

Love the Hat!

Love her Dress!

Hands down Favorite Dress E.V.E.R!!

After all this I feel a new blog design coming on...

Anyone got any fun suggestions for our vintage photos?


Homemakers Challenge: My Creative Cupcake

Today marks the first Homemaker's Challenge hosted by Amy Bayliss

The first of many challenges to come is to make a unique and creative cupcake that expresses who you are.

This is what I came up with
Chocolate Peanut Butter Mini Cupcake Bites

These express who I am because
I Love Fall! I love decorating for fall and I love finding fun ways to express the season with food!

♥ I am not the biggest regular cupcake fan but these are perfect for me! They are bite sized and oh so moist and gooey inside.

♥ My last and biggest reason that these express who I am is that these are a fun holiday tradition. I am always on the hunt for great tradition ideas that I can make with our kids one day. These are the perfect dessert for little ones to decorate and I look forward to many holidays spent in the kitchen with my children letting them craft their own little perfect bite sized treat.

In case it's hard to tell from the photo these little wonders are made with a cake and frosting gooey center  with a chocolate base and peanut butter top and topped off with cute leaf sprinkles and a peanut butter Reese's pieces to top it all off.

The Ingredients

I got this adorable recipe from Bakerella {Which is very ironic since this week's prize for the challenge is her new book which I have.been.drooling.over}

Head on over to Amy's site HERE  to check out all the other great cupcake entries and to do an entry of your own!

{Encourage me judges!}


The Homemakers Challenge has Begun! Are you in?!

Okay I want to share with you something that I meant to share with you a while ago (woops) that starts this week.
It's called the Homemakers Challenge.
That has a nice ring to it right?
One of my favorite bloggers Amy over at Life: One Magnolia Scented Bubble Bath at a Time is hosting this wonderful weekly challenge that started Friday! That's right..it already began! So head over there to jump on board.
How does Amy explain what this challenge is? She says,
"Homemaker’s Challenge is a weekly link-up blog hop that puts emphasis on having fun and sharing ideas. It features a showcase of women who have stepped up for the challenge and embraced the art of making a home."

How fun does this sound?! Well the challenge just launched and this weeks challenge involves baking some wonderfully unique cup cakes :)


So if you are passionate about homemaking or just want to whip together some yummy treats then head over and link up! Oh..and did I mention...there will be prizes!!!

Check back here on Friday for my own unique cup cakes!


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