Weekend at Cal Baptist!

I was a highschool senior again this past weekend. And it was FUN!! haha

Sienna (The Hubby's sis) is a senior and is looking at Cal Baptist. So I told her I would go to the preview weekend with her. We left Thursday and stayed the night. Let me tell you, Cal Bap is beautiful!! Everything is so green and so spread out. APU is all jammed in next to itself. Their Caf was good and there was an adorable coffee shop!
*Sienna at the School of Nursing*
They had an amazing School of Nursing facility! All their stuff was awsome!
They had sim people who talked, sweat, and one even gave birth.
*Sienna giving CPR!*
*The Sim Mommy and Sim Baby*
*Sienna's New Home!!*
This is where Sienna is going to live! hehe. These are called
the Cottages! They were so cute! This is where we spent the night, waaay better than the
Shelise also drove down with Sienna and had fun with Jason while we were gone. Then all of us had fun together the rest of the weekend!!! I LOVE our family <3>
Thanks for visiting us girls!! and I can't wait until you move down here Sienna!!! :D


  1. So cute!!! I am glad you enjoyed your time. Cal Baptist is gorgeous. I love that school.

  2. Yeah it was a lot of fun!! Sooo pretty!


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