New Favorite Dessert!

This is our new favorite dessert! Mixed frozen berries with vanilla yogurt! We have been trying to eat healthier and this has totally replaced ice cream for us. We get the big bag of mixed berries from Costco and vanilla yogaurt. It may look weird but we love it and I wanted to share it because I think you should all try!!!

Mmmm I'm gonna go get some right now... :D


  1. JAMI! This is so cool! I am so excited that you have a blog, and I can't wait to read it regularly! I think it's such a great way to process your life, and to let others know how you are growing and changing. I loved having a blog this summer in Ocean City, and I am thinking about starting up one for my everyday life kind of like yours. I love you! I haven't read any of your blogs yet, but I look forward to doing so!

  2. I know I read your blog allllll summer and loved it!!! You should totallly start one! I will read it every day!!! :D

  3. you could blend this and freeze it, giving you frozen yoghurt or you could just blend it and have it as a smoothy. yum


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