Our Wedding!

Can I just gush for a minute? I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!!! :D

As of Tuesday we will have been married for 6 months already! I can't believe it! The time goes by so quickly but it has been the best past 6 months!! We had an amazing summer and now a busy semester but we love it. (For those of you who don't know, Jason works FULL time and is taking 17 units!!!!!! Woah! Talk about an amazing Man providing for his family!!!)

Anyway in light of our halfiverssary ;) I decided to put up some Wedding pictures since I dont't have any on here.

*My Daddy and I*

*Our Vows*

You May Kiss the Bride <3

The Wedding Party
We were so blessed that day. All of both of our siblings were in the wedding party! That's 9 sibling total! Wow!
Plus my beautiful Bridesmaids Stacey Graf, Amy Guerin, and Molly Johnston
And Jason's bestfriend Jeremy Apodaca

It was such a beautiful day!!! And we had the best possible venue ever! it was truely my dream wedding! Althought it was a litttttttttttle hot (Over 100 degrees!!! YIKES!) haha but on the day of I didn't feel a thing!

Thank you to everyone who came! And special thank you to Mike Wright for getting our wedding rings that had been forgotten at home! And to Tyler Johnson for getting the bouts that got left at another home ;)

And sorry to Jacob and Ricky (my two youngest brothers) for *almost* fainting during the ceremony due to the heat, lack of water, and hot black tuxedo suits! You can make me almost faint on your wedding day hehe.

What's up ahead for Jason and I?

Jason's 22nd brithday is coming up in less than a month!! :D Jason is graduating in MAY!!!! Soo exciting and believe me, he's ready to! He is already working full time in a great job as an inspector at Simplex Grinnel and hopes to move up in the company sooooon!!

I'm not graduating for another year but I'm busy looking at graduate schools. I am looking for good masters programs in History. I am currently looking at UCLA's masters in Ancient Near Eastern History...I can't wait to go visit the campus. I've driven by it once and LOVED it..so we'll see.

-Mrs. Balmet

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