Tv Tuesday!

So I have decided to make my very own Meme. TV Tuesday!
my Husband and I love to watch tv. I love movies but there is something about Tv shows that I really love. Maybe it's the excitement of getting to see a new episode each week. Maybe it's the fact that sooo much more character development happens than with movies. I don't know, but I'm addicted.

Anyway I decided to start a meme discussing the past week's tv shows, new shows starting soon, and past shows.

I will start by saying CANCELLED!!!! My least favorite word when it comes to Tv shows. Many of my favorite shows have been cancelled way too early. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Tru Calling, My Name is Earl just to name a few. and I just found out that a show I absolutely love is being cancelled in it's 2nd season: Dollhouse!
This show is truly unique and soo intriging! The show has been on a 4 week hiatus and just found out that Fox finally cancelled in. The rest of the season will air but I am crushed. I almost don't want to start watching a new show until it's in it's third season and immensly popular for fear they will tear my heart out and cancel it!! ;)

But good news is we have three great new shows this season that have been getting amazing reviews!
1. Modern Family: It's a 30 minute sitcom and it's sooo funny!!! Every week seems to be getting better than the last!
2. Glee: I heard bad reviews of this show when episode 2 aired so we didn't start watching it until last week when someone told me it's gotten better. And let me tell you, I'm glad we started watching it. Just skip episode # 2..it's extremely sexual! But the show gets better after that.
3. Flashforward: People are calling this show the next Lost. It's an hour long drama and it's fantastic!! The world all blacked out at the extact time for 2 minutes and all have visions of the world 6 months from now. It is soo interesting and unique.

So stayed tuned for next weeks reviews and new shows. Any suggestions of new shows would be fantastic!

Are there any shows you love?

And a button for this meme will be coming soon..just gotta find the time!

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