Thankful Thursday # 3

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Okay so I'm a few days late. What can I say, I was on vacation. So back to my normal routine, I figured I would post thankful Thursday better late than never. So Here goes.

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So this week I am so thankful for so many things! I will have to narrow it down:

1) I am thankful for chapel at my school. Yes, I said it. If you have talked to me for 2 minutes before about APU you will quickly learn that I am not fond of our chapel. I feel that they never really talk about anything in Chapel. It's all fluff and doesn't encourage anyone to grow. But I am so thankful for the opportunity to slow down and praise God for an hour every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. It's sandwiched in between my classes and it is a fantastic time to slow down and get your priorities straight for the coming day and week. We have great worship leaders and I am so thankful for the built in time to praise our Lord.

2)I am thankful for my family! This is usually on my list, but I can never say it enough. The Hubby and I were able to go home for thanksgiving and it was a fantastic trip! We got a ton of time to bond with our family, but it made us want to move back up to Sacramento even more!

3)I am thankful for Black Friday!!! I have never gone shopping on black Friday before and neither had my Mom. So we decided to brave the crowds and we are soo glad that we did! It ended up being a fantastic day!! It was so much fun (I'm definitely doing it again next year!) and we got some GREAT deals, A TV (woohoo!!), boots, a super cute jacket and other things.

4)I am thankful for this time of year. Not only is Christmas an amazing day to celebrate our Lord and Savior, it is just a cheerful time! Our finals are in two weeks and stress levels are running high! But because of the time of year it doesn't seem so bad. I LOVE this time of year!!!!

5)I am so thankful for our apartment. I am so excited to decorate this year!!! I absolutely love decorating and this will be our first Christmas married! We are both really excited to get our apartment in the Christmas mood! We are excited to get in the Christmas mood and to start some awesome traditions of our own.

What are you thankful for?

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