2011 Word of the Year

Hmmmmm.....I don't know what to pick!

Last year's word was easy!! I picked: Intentional

And it became somewhat of a word for me and even birthed the name of my blog! So this year's word has to be really good.

I'm going to meditate on it for a while.

Have you picked your word out yet?! Please do share with me!!!

And I was working through a series on Intentionally Living to go along with my word...and well...I never finished. haha so I am going to try before the new year to cover the rest.

To read my series go HERE.


We'll Be Home for Christmas

We are leaving to drive home  in T-minus 2 hours!
It is a long drive {About 8 hours} but it is well worth it!

We are so blessed that Hubby is able to take the week after Christmas off for vacation and this next week he is going to be able to work out of the office near our families! Praise the Lord!

We are so excited to be able to be with our families for TWO WHOLE Weeks this year!

I am looking forward to snowmobiling, hot chocolate, weather that is actually changing {unlike the 70 degree mild winter we get here} hot chocolate, shopping trips, games and so much more with both our families.

I LOVE Christmas and my only sadness comes from the fact that before we know it will be over!

I don't know how much I'll be posting over our vacation so if I don't get a change then: Merry Christmas!

Perfect Gift for the Outdoors type!

This post brought to you by SPOT. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you ever felt that little jolt as you look down and see that you have no cell phone reception? Usually we are upset because we can't send that text that seems so important but really it doesn't matter.

Well what if you are camping and get hurt? You may not have service and could be miles from help. This situation can cause a panic but if have SPOT Satellite GPS messenger than help is just a push of a button away.

SPOT Satellite GPS messenger is 100% guaranteed to work because it works solely off of a satellite base. No pesky cell phone towers to worry about. This allows the system to work anywhere in the world.

This is a must have for anyone who is often outside of normal cell phone range. Hunters, campers, fishermen, and hikers need one of these messengers to ensure their trip goes safely.  

With the messenger you can even do things like send text messages to friends and family telling them how many fish you caught or when you will be home for dinner. The uses of this satellite capability are nearly endless. You can even update your facebook and twitter while on the hunt!

And now this system is more affordable then ever. This holiday season if you buy the SPOT Satellite GPS messenger you will get a awesome adventure kit that's worth $50!


SPOT Satellite GPS messenger

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Hapy Birthday to my Hubby!

It's my Hubby's 23rd Birthday today!!

Happy Birthday my sweet. I love you so much...You are the joy of my life and I do not know what I would do without you.

I am SO very proud of you. You work so hard to provide for us. Thank you so much!

He is so handsome!! :)

I Love You Baby. Happy Birthday!


Save Money on Baby Formula!

This post brought to you by PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you feel like you spend a fortune on Baby formula? If you do then you probably feel that while it's a lot of $$ it's still worth it for your little bundle of joy.

Well what if you could get great quality formula for a fraction of the cost? Interested?

Head on over to Parent's Choice today and try their Baby Formula Savings Calculator and find out how much you could save!


With the Baby Formula Savings Calculator you can easily compare prices from the nation's leading brands of baby formula to The Parent's Choice formula.


Check out this comparison I did of an Enfamil brand formula to the Parent's Choice. See how much you would save? {Click on the image to make it bigger}


Check out their  Baby Formula Savings Calculator HERE and then after you are satisfied that they are indeed a better price then the next step is to find the Parent's Choice formula that is right for you and your little one.

Go to the Parent's Choice Formula Finder HERE to find the perfect formula. The formula finder is so easy. You simple search by age and what type of formula you are looking for such as formula to help with fussiness and then what form you want the formula in such as milk-based and lactose free. Parent's Choice then helps you find the perfect formula. 

store brand formula

Think of all the money you could save by going with Parent's Choice! Their website is so attracative and easy to use. But don't take my word for it. Head over to their website and check them out today!

Check out their Formula Finder

And check out their Savings Calculator

switch to generic formula

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Christmas Wish List

Okay so everyone else is posting theirs so I thought I would too!

Here is my Christmas wish list although we are really try to save money right now So I'm not expecting anything. So this is more of a one day I would love...

1. Photoshop Creative Suite CS5 but I would settle for Photoshop Elements 9.0 ;)

2. Some Kohl's or Ross Gift cards...I need some winter clothes :)

3. The Singer Confidence
4. The entire series of Little House on the Prairie

5. The Homestead Blessing's Series

Whew! I have lofty dreams :) Like I said this is more of a one day I would love...

What are you loving this Christmas season?


Hello December

Aaw it's finally December! And that means Christmas.

My Favorite time of the year. Not only is it the very best Holiday {Besides Easter of course} for celebrating Jesus and his birth and coming death for US but it's a wonderful break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and wonderful time with family.

So in honor of it being December 1 I thought I would share my favorite December things.

1.  Peppermint Mocha's from Starbucks...My Favorite Christmas drink!

2. Decorating for Christmas

3. My house smelling like Christmas

4. My Hubby's Birthday {Which is in a week and a half!!}

5. Yummy desserts and tea

And of course

6. Family
Spending time playing games and bonding.

What are your favorite December moments?


Relief for your little one

This post brought to you by Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

Calling all Mothers!

Are you the mother of a little one?

Does your poor little gal or guy suffer from diaper rashes?

Well then check out Boudreaux's Butt Paste.It's so hard to see your little one's suffer and cry right? Well try out this new Diaper Rash Ointment Skin Protectant. I always feel so bad when I see little one's having to go through the pain of a diaper rash and not even be able to articulate it.

Check out their website: Boudreaux's Butt Paste

Want to know the best part about this product? It was made by a pharmacist with the help of a pediatrician. Who better then a pharmacist and a pediatrician to make sure that your baby gets the medicine and the soothing he/she needs!
Not only do the doctors recommend it but Boudreaux's Butt Paste has been feature on shows such as

The Oprah Show
The Today Show
The Tonight Show
And more!!

This product is so convenient that you can order it online and have it shipped right to your door. It is also available in drug stores and grocery stores nationwide! This paste is unlike other pastes. It actually has a great smell that doesn't smell like traditional pastes that smell chemically. This paste will help soothe your poor crying baby so fast and won't leave a huge mess to clean up later.

Okay and want to know the BEST part!??

YOU can try Boudreaux's Butt Paste for FREE Today!!!
Click HERE for how to get your FREE sample today! Don't just take Oprah's word for it...try it yourself!

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Getting Ready to Decorate for Christmas?

This post brought to you by Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are 100% mine.

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and Christmas is right around the corner!

Are you ready for all the entertaining that is about to happen? Hubby and I recently moved and while I like the decoration we have it's time for some festive decorations.

So of course I headed to Pier 1 Imports web site to check out all they have to offer.  We have decided of course to decorate next weekend after Thanksgiving and our theme for Christmas decorations is Red and Silver.

Check out the great Red and Silver collections that Pier 1 offers!

Go here to check out their collections: Pier 1


Check out these adorable place mats!

Love the French style!!

What a great fireplace!


Also (not that you need any more reason to stop by Pier 1 today BUT) Pier 1 is helping out Toys for Tots during November and December. Just drop off an unwrapped toy or you can make a special Toys for Tots donation at the register!

AND through the end of the month if you "like" them on facebook they will donate $1 to Toys for Tots!

I don't know about you but there is nothing like decorating your home that really makes it feel like the Christmas season!

Check out their Holiday Entertaining page here to get some great ideas: holiday entertaining

What are your favorite holiday items at Pier 1??

Go HERE to check out all their goodies today!

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Just in Time {Christmas Gifts!!}

We had some fun and unique new items hit our store this week!{I know I know...I'm shamelessly promoting my store again...but he

A personal favorite is our new fall (but great for any time of the year) fabric headband

Priced at only $7.99! What a steal! Get yours HERE!

We also have it in the following two styles and will be adding more soon...

Get the pink and brown one HERE

Get the brown and blue on HERE

Another favorite from this week-Leopard print headband!
ONLY $6.99!! Get yours HERE

And we also uploaded a bunch of new sequin headbands!

Check out our whole collection of sequin headbands HERE
ALL Sequin headbands priced $5.99-7.99!!

Or go to our shop's main storefront HERE

Tom's of Maine-Wicked Fresh!

This post brought to you by Tom's of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you heard of Tom's of Maine yet? If not you will soon hear about them everywhere.

They are an up and coming natural care company. They specialize in toothpaste, deodorant, mouth wash, dental floss and soap!

Check out their site for yourself here: Tom's Of Maine

A product of Tom's that caught my attention was their natural body wash. It contains special moisturizing ingredients that help keep your skin moist and soft. I always struggle with dry skin and this product seems like one I need to try out!

What I also love is that one each products page they list all the ingredients, what the ingredients are used for and where the ingredient comes from! This is so great especially for everyone who has pesky allergies. It is also so nice to know that what you are putting on your skin or in your mouth doesn't have unnecessary or harmful chemicals.

This allows the customer to make an informed purchase! Love it!

In addition to their great products they are also offering a fun contest right now!

Head over to That's Wicked Fresh Contest Page and learn how to enter: That's Wicked Fresh contest page

By entering you could win a $500 target gift card and other great prizes!

All you have to do to enter is tweet from their page a Wicked Fresh moment or experience and your entered to win!

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A Year and a Half

Whew. It's been quiet around here I know. I've been busy but just wanted to create a little post for my Hubby.

Exactly a year and a half ago {Yesterday} I married my best friend.

Best man Jean-Marc-My Handsome Hunk of a Husband, and best friend Jeremy

I Love you my sweet Husband. This past year and half have flown by but at the same time I feel like we have been married for ever.

Thank you for being so kind, loving, sweet and amazing. You are my love.

And I love the fact that we still celebrate half years :)

Mr. & Mrs.
{I just like how my dress looks in this photo ;)}

Thank you for putting up with my and for being such a hard working provider for our family

I Love you Jason. Happy Year and a Half


Weekend with the Family

I'm a little behind but the weekend before last we went home to visit our family and had a great time. My grandparents from Pennsylvania had driven out to visit so we got to spend some time with them.

My Hubby only met my grandparents once and that was at our wedding. Haha and they didn't have much time to chat then. So it was a fun time of him getting to know my grandparents who live so far away.

Our cousins also came over to my parents house for the day to bond.
This is all of us. My Family, Cousins and Aunt, and Grandparents.

Remember a couple weeks ago when I wrote a post about longing to go to Apple Hill (No? I figured you didn't)? Well we got to go and I was so happy.

We got hot chocolate, apple cider, carmel apples, and fudge! Yummmy!!

And we got to stop by the place that we got married and snap a few pictures. It was a little rainy but as beautiful as ever!!

The Beautiful Iris Gardens where we got hitched.

Aaw Love this Man!

And we got stuck in traffic on the way home from Apple Hill but I got to snap some great photos of the local wineries.
This is what we moved away from. To go to Los Angeles. Sheesh..what were we thinking?!?

I am loving this Fall weather and all the fun things that go along with it!

What are you loving this wonderful Fall season?


Fall & Halloween items on Sale!

With Halloween just around the corner and Fall in full swing do you know what you need??

Well cute hair accessories of course!

And lucky for you my Halloween pieces are 50% OFF this week and my Fall pieces are 30% OFF.

Go HERE to get to my Etsy Shop to view the items
Go HERE to get to my Artfire shop {Which I just launched so go check it out for me and let me know what you think}

Order today to get your Halloween pieces by the 31st...theres still time!!!

Go check out my fall and halloween items before they are all gone!

And most items are just $0.50 to ship with other items so get one for each girl in your family!

P.S.This post was done on my phone...sorry its not the best looking haha.


45 Days to a Better Shop

As some of you have know I have been working for the past couple months on a new Etsy Shop.

I have been having a lot of fun with it but just haven't had a lot of time to work on it. So I am trying to commit some more time to it.

I was debating for a while about using Artfire as well {Artfire is another handmade website similar to Etsy} but was hesitant to spend more $$ getting my shop up and online.

Well I decided to take the plunge and try it out for a few months. I've had my new pro account for about 2 weeks and so far I Love It! But more about that later...

I have been looking around this weekend at some great resources available on Artfire and came across this great 45 Day Guide to Artfire.

So for the next 45 days {Or more realistically a lot longer} I am committing to work through these 45 challenges to build a better shop!
If I'm not blogging very much then you know where I am.

Day One is Getting Rid of the Progress Bar {Here I come!}

So if you are a fellow Artfire Gal {Or Guy} then head over HERE to check out the great guide.

Or if you don't know what Artfire is all about then check out THIS article explaining some of the differences between Artifre and Etsy...and then sign up for an account!

Oh yeah..and you can check out my Artfire Shop HERE {It looks just like my Etsy shop right now but things will be changing...}


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