This weekend, Valentine's weekend my Hubby and I got to do something ULTRA romantic! We got to meet my Mom and her boyfriend in Las Vegas!! hehehe..okay so maybe not ultra romantic but we had a blast!! B

Neither of us have been to Vegas before and wow...was it fun! But it was also really sad to see all of the stuff that goes on in Las Vegas..like who knew that Prositution is LEGAL in Nevada!!!! What?!? I had no idea and I want to march to Nevada and get them to change that law! But...that's for another post...

Anyway we had such a blast and I thought I would share with you some of the fun we had ♥
It was a GREAT weekend gettin to see my Mommy and her boyfriend who we havn't got to see in about 2 months and won't get to see again for a another few months. That's what happens when you move away :(

But anway we had so much fun! Enjoy the pictures!

We stayed at the Excalibur Hotel. It was such a neat hotel to stay in!!

We got to walk around the strip at night and see all the awsome hotels all lit up!
Look! We are in Paris!!
The light show was sooo pretty! I love this picture with the water in front of Paris!

We got to get our Caricature done!! I have always wanted to get one of these done and my Mommy was so sweet and got this for us!! ♥
We got to do to a deliciouse seafood buffet! I think we each ate our weight in crab!!! Mmmm!!

A highlight of the fabluous weekend was we got to see David Copperfield LIVE!!!!!!!!!!
My Hubby has always loved magic tricks and David Copperfield and it was sooo much fun to see David Copperfield! We were really close to the stage and it.was.awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We didn't do very much gambeling. But we played the slot machines for the first time!!! It was so much fun! I love all the little games! Hehe LobsterMania was my favorite!! If you get three of the lobsters you get to go on this little fishing trip and win a ton! It was so much fun!
Jason loved the fishing game!!

My Beautiful Mommy and I ♥

And here is our caricature!! I see Jason in it more than I see myself..
But it was really fnu getting this done! And I can't wait to frame it and put it up in our house!

So that was our fun weekend! I hope you all had a nice fun long weekend!!

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  1. Cuteee pictures! Looks like fun. Say real quick - could you send me the link of how you got that nav bar on the top of your page? I believe you sent it one time with how to make pictures and everything...? That would be SO great.
    Just let me know! Thanks so much :)


  2. Of course!!! Hehe I don't remember right now but i will try and find the tutorial that I used to do it! I'll try and send it to you tonight!

    Thanks for stopping by :D

  3. Hi there! I’m a new follower from Friday Follow. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
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  4. Thanks. So. Much. I am excited to get your email... Mine is: ria.thurston@gmail.com

    For some reason, I can't reply to the emails I get from you commenting on my blog. What's your email addy?


  5. Thanks for following my historical fiction blog! It's great to have followers who love the genre as much as I do :) Looking forward to your comments & I hope you continue to enjoy my blog!

  6. Hey Rai,
    That's weird that you can't reply. But my email is jamibalmet@hotmail.com

    And I've have been getting a TON of questions about how I did the stuff on my blog so I might to a series of posts on how to do the stuff. But if I do that I'll do the navbar as the first post ;)


  7. Hello I'm following you back from FF!!! I'm looking forward to looking around your blog! Vegas sounds amazing!!!

  8. Just foung your blog through FF, and following along! Have a great weekend!

  9. Great pictures! It looks like you had a fabulous time. I have never been toVegas! I would love to go some day too!


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