A Real Man

In light of Valentine's Day and the fact that my husband is A-ma-zing!

My friend Tiffany over at A Domestic Diva Wannabe posted today about her husband and what it means to be a "real" man. She talked about how one of her friends pointed out that advertising only portray men as being "lazy, commitment phobic and unintelligent individual". And wow! Isn't that the truth!!

Men in advertising, movies, tv shows, and magazines are portrayed as being, pretty much, jerks!!! They drink their beer, watch their football game at the sake of their wives and families, they sleep around (And are applauded for it!!), they are afraid of commitment, and are total slobs and inconsiderate.

When I think about this it brings to my mind a scene from the Tv show friends. In it the loveable (hehe) Chandler Bing proposes to his girlfriend Monica. He says he is proposing because he is sorry for something that happened. She replies with, "Is that really the best reason to marry someone?" In which he swiftly replies, "No of course not. Pregnancy is. Being sorry is number two". Wow...that's a picture right there for you of how men are portrayed.

Okay enough about the scummy guys on tv. I want to tell you about MY husband.

My husband does not fit the traditional "Male" in many respects. But let me tell you..he is in no way "Girly" or "whipped" as is so often thrown around.

My husband is a REAL man! He provides for his family. He works Loooong hard hours, comes home and does homework and yet still has time for me. ALWAYS. It doesn't matter what is going on..he'll drop it all if I need him! He loves me so much.

He loves me so much and is not afraid to show it!! He is sooo romantic!!!! He loves to get me little things just to surprise me! He will spend anything on me even if that mean's he will go without. He sacrifices time, money, and sleep for me.

He is the leader of our "little family" and I submit to him in that. And yet, he submits to me in the fact that he loves and honors me.

My husband is a REAL man. He loves his war, bloody, action movies but he also loves snuggling up on the couch with me to watch a RomCom (Romantic Comedy). He will always let me pick the movie if I have one in mind..even if he was thinking of watching another one.

My husband is REAL man. He is so faithful to me and is always there to hold me when I'm down.

Girls, if you are not married yet..don't settle for some Joe Smoe! REAL men are out there. You don't need to feel second best to him. You should be first in his life!! (Behind God of course ;)) My man is manly and yet he knows how to take care of his family. My man is THE man ;)

I would love for you to join me today in blogging about your man. If your not married then how has your Dad or another fatherly figure in your life demonstrated what it's like to be a REAL man in today's society?

Wives, let's gush about our husband's today! It's almost Valentine's day. Let us know what you Love about him!!

Have a great Wednesday! And Happy Blogging :D

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