New Button!

Hey Everybody! Guess what?

I finally made a button!! I am so excited and have been wanting to do this forever!!! But for some reason I thought this would be a much bigger task that it actually was!

My Hubby was on the phone last night so I jumped on photoshop for a few minutes and wipped it up real quick ;) And I love how it turned out!! (I'm verry modest ;) hehehe)

So anway I would love for you to spread the word about my blog and steal take my button back to your page.

It's super easy to do! Just copy the HTML in the little box under my button. Go to your blog and go to Layout then Add a Gadget and add HTML. Then simple paste the code in and theres my blog :D

Let me know if you have any difficulties with it. And let me know if you use my button so I can go see it :D

Intentionally Living

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  1. Just added your button to my site - you'll have to add mine :)

  2. Love it, Jamie! You are really "going to town" on your blog, girl! (Can you show me how to do a button? I would love one, too, but think it's going to be hard. No, just kidding. But, you are inspiring me:) I will put yours on my blog, for sure:) Great job!

  3. Yay! Thank you :D I can't wait to go check it out!!

    And I just added your button! I actually had meant to do that for a while!! I need to catch up on putting other people's buttons on. Your button is soo cute! Love it! ;)

  4. Aaw well thank you! :D

    A button is actually really easy to make and the thing that I thought would be hard is to make the little html box so people could steal my button. But it's not, it's easy!!! :D

    But yes I can definitly show you how to make one. Let me make a post maybe on a tutorial how to do this.

  5. I grabbed your button. It is, indeed, very cute. It is my sidebar scrolling marque. Come grab my button.

  6. sorry...here is my blog address.


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