Photo Editing Fun!!

So my wonderful Husband is wonderful and encouraged me to get some photoshop tutorial books! We went to Barnes and Noble but the books were $50 or more!!! Yikes! So we came home and surfed the web and ended up getting three different books. Are you ready for this? For less than $5.00 EACH!!! I LOVE shopping on the internet.

So tonight I am going to be doing some experimenting with my photos :D. I know how to do some stuff with photoshop but it's all self taught through me just playing around in there. I don't know how to really do any of it haha. So I'm excited to learn some new tricks and secrets. And I will be happy to share any amazing things I find :D

However I do have an ANCIENT version of Photoshop lol (Hopefully I'll be getting CS4 this year...hint hint Hubby hint hint) so some of my tips may be OLD news to you! haha but I'll probably be posting some fun pictures over the next few days of my new secrets...hehe.

I hope you all have a Fantastic Friday! Don't forget to check out Follow Friday on my last post and have a relaxing, wonderful Weekend :D

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