Blog Tutorials & Freebies?

Hey Everybody!! Since the launch of my new blog look, I have been receiving a TON of emails on how I did some of the stuff. Such as how I made the links under my header, how I made my Button, how I added a custom font to my post headers and side bar headers, how to make a 3 column blog, ect.

While most of this stuff I got off other blogs and websites as tutorials..I often forget where I found those..*woops!*. And added some of my own tweaks to some of those tutorials. So I'm thinking of doing a series on DIY Blog Design as well as maybe some free backgrounds, buttons, headers and some other free goodies.
But I wanna hear what ya'll want!

*So what would you like to see?*

What are you dyeing to learn how to do when it comes to blog designing!? And it doesn't just have to be something you see on my own blog. I love playing around with HTML and will try to figure out how to do it ;)

Also what freebies do you all love to find?

Let me know! I'm itching to start playing around. I love designing my blog almost as much as actually writing in my blog ;) hehe...almost!


  1. I would love to see tutorials on Word Press themes made easy and using multiple pages in Word press.
    As for giveaways, I love em all. But I especially like the stuff I can use with/for my kids.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I'm still learning how to do this design stuff. Any tutorials in easy to understand language is good.

  3. Jami,
    I just realized I haven't added you to my favorite blogs list, and also haven't grabbed your button--so here I am to do that!
    Also, *some* of the things I want to know how to do are the cute hearts and special fonts, the cute things like the image with Recipe of the week and the swirly heart design and of course, the button (although I think I can probably figure that out, as I've seen help for doing it when I googled it:)
    So, thanks for offering this, Jami! Hope you're having a great weekend!


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