Christmas Vacation

Well after two weeks of fabulous vacation we are now back into the daily grind. Back to work and school starts again for me in (Yikes! Less than a week).

But before I kick off the new year here at Intentionally Living I wanted to just give a little recap of our Christmas.

Our Christmas time really began on December 10th on my Hubby's 23rd birthday!
We had a great night. We went to his favorite restaurant, Red Robin, and had cold stone for dessert. And then Hubby got a nice little surprise for his birthday present!

He got an Xbox!
He has been wanting one for a while and I knew he was not expecting it!!

Then we left on the 17th for a two week vacation to visit our families. We had so much fun with both our families and got to spend Christmas with each. Unfortunately I do not have any photos yet from Christmas but I'll get them later!

Then yesterday (the 3rd) was my birthday and we plan to celebrate this weekend with a trip to Olive Garden and some fabulous red velvet cheesecake for dessert!

When we were up with our family we went to Lake Tahoe to go Snowmobiling and hang out. My Mom and her boyfriend took me and Hubby to a wonderful dinner in the snow! We had such a good time.
This is my mom's boyfriend Pliny, My Mom, me and Hubby!

Winter Wonderland! 
Hubby and I went out last night for my birthday and hubby got me some adorable new boots!!

Tahoe is so beautiful this time of year!!

Here's a picture of my Hubby's family..okay this is technically from Thanksgiving :)

And this is my fam.

Overall we had a wonderful Christmas season! I am refreshed and ready for the Spring 2011 semester and 2011 year! I have been taking a break from blogging but will hopefully be jumping back in!

Stay tuned for my 2011 word of the year later this week. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful time this weekend!
    It sounds like ya'll had a great time away, which is always wonderful!
    Happy 2011!

    -Many Smiles

  2. Happy birthday! Looks like you had a great Christmas :-)

  3. Happy Birthday! So Glad to hear you had a great Christmas! Enjoy 2011 and I can't wait to hear about your new Word of the Year!

  4. The pic. with the star decoration hanging behind you makes it look like you have a crown on your head. Cute. It caught my eye. It is set there just perfect.

  5. Beautiful pictures! Happy new Year!!


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