My New Workout Buddy

I have been wanting these for a long time but have not yet been able to justify the price. They are normally around $100 and I can't believe I didn't get them sooner!

My newest workout buddy is the sketcher shape up!
I was so skeptical of these at first and honestly thought they were pretty dorky looking! lol

But I have to say...I am now In Love!
Seriously, I want to where them everywhere!

I was hesitant at first because they aren't the most attractive, they are soo expensive (for a girl who loves to shop at ross), and I'm not one for really wearing tennis shoes.

But my in-laws found these at Costco for only $50 (They are normally around $100) and knew that I really wanted to try them. So they got me a pair for my birthday!

And I am oh so glad that they did!

They are so incredibly comfortable.
I thought I was going to feel awkward with them so high and they could feel clunky to wear but no! They are actually incredibly comfortable.

They also really help my back!
I have a bad back (get it from my dad) and doing things like cleaning for a long time and doing dishes and stuff really start to wear on me. So last week I had a huge cleaning day doing all kinds of sorting and throwing thins out and cleaning cleaning cleaning. I wore them ALL DAY long and my back didn't hurt nearly as much! :)

I also have horrible posture (which makes my back hurt worse) and for some reason the way that you stand in these really helps my posture.

I also think they really help when just walking around. I know they are not miracle shoes but I do really think they help to firm everything up.

Okay wow I sound like an ad! I'm not getting paid for this or anything I just wanted to share how awesome these are!
I need to talk Hubby into getting me a few more pairs before I wear these ones out! :)

They are ON SALE at Costco right now-Only $50! The lowest price I have ever seen them for!

Zappos.com has them for around $60 I think.

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