Resolved. 2011

Last week I posted about Jonathan Edwards and his 70 Resolutions. {See post HERE}

Well now I'm finally getting to my 2011 word of the year. Can you guess it?


I have been reading a lot about Jonathan Edwards lately and have really been learning a lot about the Puritans and other classic Christian writers.
I have been delving into a rich and deep theological tradition and can't get enough.

Unfortunately I haven't been able {or willing} to find the time to dedicate myself to the things that really matter.

So in 2011 I will be Resolved.

I will be Resolved to above all else, make my walk with God the number one thing in my life.

I will be Resolved to learn from past hero's of the faith such as Jonathan Edwards and Charles Spurgeon.

I will be Resolved to give my last semester of school my best effort while not neglecting my home and my husband.

I will be Resolved to make my love and commitment to my Husband made known to him each day.

I will be Resolved to read. To read and not waste my precious time on things that don't matter. More on this to come.

I will be Resolved to form new relationships. I will try and learn from those who are older and wiser. {Titus 2}

I will be Resolved, along with my Husband, to jump into the young marrieds & families bible study and form new lasting relationships....regardless of how much time it takes up. {We live a ways away from our church}

I will be Resolved to find a place to serve in the Church regardless of the distance we live.

I will be Resolved to make this new church switch work {regardless of distance} and jump into serving and forming relationships unless the Lord directs us otherwise.

I will be Resolved. In all that I do.
Resolved: To make Christ the center of my life.


  1. Awesome!! May God continue to supply your resolve to serve Him.

  2. Great choice for your word of the year. This year, I chose gratitude. As in, I will have an attitude of gratitude. Started off by sending handwritten notes to people I appreciate. Which is something I never do, because I have arthritis in my hands and it frequently hurts to write. But, I figure it is a small sacrifice to make to let people know they make a difference. Can't wait to see how yours turns out.


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