Get to know Me: Q & A

Something that I have wanted to do for a while is let you all get to know me a little more. And instead of just babbeling on forever about stuff you don't care about ;) I decided to do something that I've seen popping up everywhere!

Q & A:Get to know me!I've decided to let you all ask me some questions and I'll respond in a post about them!
I've seen many people do this but my friend Ria over at Life as a Wife just recently did a post about this. So I'm gonna steal her idea :D

Head over to Rai's blog and check out some of the questions she was asked. She had so many questions that she had to answer them in 3 different posts. Check out her Q & A's with Post # 1, Post # 2, and Post #3.

Some great question's I've seen are:
Where did we get married?
Where did we meet?
Where did we go on our honeymoon?
What are our majors?

And anything else about me, my family, my Hubby and mine's relationship, or anything wedding related :D

Check out my post About Me to get to know me a little more and get some inspiration for some questions!

I CAN'T wait to hear your questions and in a couple days I will post the answers!

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  1. Thanks for the mention, sweet girl! I am SOOO excited to get to know you better :)

    1. What was your favorite detail from your wedding?
    2. What did you enjoy the most about your honeymoon (besides the obvious ;)) ohh where did you go, too?
    3. What is your 5 year plan/vision for you and the Mr.?

  2. Oooh GREAT questions!! Can't wait to answer them! Thanks for asking!!

  3. Great idea!
    What is your favorite song?
    Do you remember what you cooked/baked for your first meal as husband/wife?
    What would your favorite thing to do on Saturday morning?

  4. Hey Jami!

    I know that this is not wedding related but I see you are very strong in your faith. I would love to hear a bit more about your testimony! How did you come to know God and how has he worked in your life? I love hearing God's goodness, it excites me to see him work in others lives as well as my own.

  5. Hi Sabrina,
    This is a great question!! And they don't have to be all wedding related...people just often are very curious about all things wedding! lol

    But thank you for asking this! I realized a little while ago that I have never done a post about my testimony and God's saving grace! So thank you for asking :D

    I'm excited to answer all these great questions!



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