Headband Love!

So a couple of days ago I posted a million pictures of fun polka dot dresses. I've been looking for one for my husband's graduation coming up soon and I went shopping with my Mom and found the perfect one! It wasn't exaclty what I was looking for but it's perfect!!!

So the next step is finding the perfect headband :D So I of course went to Etsy and decided to share with you some of the fabulous headbands I found!

I need a pink/whiteish one to match my dress but some of these were too cute not to share! Enjoy!

{Click on the link below each picture to go to the item in Etsy}

Have you found any super cute headbands lately?!?
 Share with me!!! :D


  1. Super cute! It's inspired me to get working on headbands myself again. I'd just made two, then got distracted by making pins! Hoping for a little free time this week, but it's not looking ultra-promising...got a busy week ahead according to my calender! My weekend was survivable. That's about it. Saturday I had a TON to do, but since I was sick, I felt like my head was so fuzzy I couldn't concentrate on anything. Sat. night we went to my grandmas 91st b-day, which was kind of sad b/c of how unresponsive she is becoming. Hard to see those you love get old. Sunday wasn't real good either...again, lots to do (kind of not an option not to do them since we'd been gone last week, it was necessary catch up) so it wasn't a day of rest. Church message was good, but talks with people all seemed to include them sharing bad news...then missed a concert I really wanted to go to at night :-( - AND found out that my grandma was taken to the hospital with chest pain. So now you can see why I'm glad it's a new week! Starting fresh :-) Hope your time with your family was fun! Do they live far away? Did you do some fun stuff with them or just hang out around your house? Gotta run! Hope you find your "perfect" headband! Oh, and looking forward to seeing a pic of the dress you found ;-) ! Talk to ya later Jami, ~Kristin

  2. These are darling. I have been looking at your wedding photos. They are beautiful!

  3. Wow...they are all SO CUTE. I don't think I could pick a favorite. I need to be brave and try wearing one myself... :)

  4. each and every one is so lovely...wanna try out...


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