Q & A Part 1

I have been so busy lately I have not had ANY time to write any posts :( But I'm back for at least a couple quick posts.

Last week I aksed you guys to ask me any questions you had and I got some great responses. So this is post one of my Q & A answers.

This post is Wedding related! Yay! I LOVE this subject :D
And if this post brings up any new questions, feel free to ask away!!

Okay here goes:

1) What was your favorite detail from your wedding?
Wow this is such a great question that really got me thinking about our wedding day again ;) And it came down to our family. Our family was the best detail in our wedding. We have a LOT of siblings. I have three younger brothers and my hubby has 6 younger siblings...yes you heard me right...6!!! Anyway my three brothers were his groomsmen along with his oldest brother as his Best Man. His oldest sister ws my maid of honor and his next sister was one of my bridesmaids. His youngest sister was our flower girl and his two youngest brothers were our rings bearers. It was such a blessing to have our family so close to us at the wedding. Some of our siblings were a bit young to be in our wedding part but it was the best dicisions we made! It was wonderful.

2) Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We went to Hawaii! It was simply amazing!!!! Neither of us had ever been before and it was wonderful. My Mom's wonderful and amazing boyfriend gave us our honeymoon as our wedding present :D aaand he did it as a suprise. We knew he was plannng it but didn't know ANY details and it turned out being amazing! I pretty much planned being that we live so far away from our family so it was really nice to not have to plan it. It the THE most amazing honeymoond :D

3) What did you enjoy the most about your honeymoon (besides the obvious ;))
Oh everything about our honeymoon was amazing! We really didn't do any one huge thing. We went to a waterpark one day which was a BLAST! The park was empty and we got to ride all the rides as much as we wanted! Another day we went and to Pearl Harbor which was amazing to see. After seeing Pearl Harbor we took a bus around the whole Island and got to see lots of Hawaii. But what I loved the most was just the relaxing time by the pool with my HUSBAND!!! We were so busy and crazy having finals a WEEK before the wedding...yes a week! and then the wedding and everything it was so nice to just relax. It was so amazing to be sitting with my Husband :D Our honeymoon was perfect!

The CheeseCake Factory in Hawaii :)

4) Do you remember what you cooked/baked for your first meal as husband/wife?
Wow this is such a great questions..but honestly...I have NO idea!!! I wish know that I remembered but I don't. I do remember however that our first meal together other than our wedding dinner was McDonalds!! Haha very romantic!

Our first meal married: McDonald's at the Airport ;)

Wow these were great questions and if you want to know more about the wedding just let me know! I love everything that has to do with Weddings!!!!! Anything and everything ;)

Next up will be where the Mr. and I plan on going in the next few years. So if you have any questions about that let me know :)


  1. How fun to get to know you a little more this morning! Just hearing about YOUR wedding got me reminiscing about MY wedding, and that's always so fun to recall! I might be stealing your "getting to know you" idea soon for my blog...so don't be surprised :-) Have a blessed day Jami! Live Intentionally!

  2. We went to Hawaii as well! What a beautiful place!

  3. love your blog!!! yall are so cute! I have to come back and get caught up! I follow you now! so glad to find you.

  4. Hi your blog is just ADORABLE! Super cute!! Your wedding pictures are fab! I found you through my bloggy friend Beth!! Oh I have always wanted to go to Hawaii!! Looks fab!!
    Love the Q&A post....now a follower....nice to "meet" you!!
    Summer :0)


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