Polka Dot Love

So. I. Love. Etsy!!! Yes, it's no secret...if I was a millionaire I soon wouldn't be because all my money would be spent on Etsy! Hehe anyway I have been looking for a new dress lately for my husband's graduation. And I am in love with polka dots right now!!!

So where else do I go then Etsy? I thought I would share with you some of my fabulous finds!!!

Most of these are a bit too pricey for me...but hey a girl can dream!!! ;)

Click on the link below the picture to view the item.

Okay this one is like my favorite dress Ever!!! lol it is soo adorable...I wish I had somewhere to where it to ;)

This one would be fun for work!

Okay and know for my Favorite one that I would love to have for my Hubby's graduation:
But alas I will have to find one that fits my budget..Ross here I come!!! :D

What are some of your favorite Spring trends right now?

And if you know of any cute inexpensive dresses please let me know where to find them! I'm on the hunt for a fun dress..and it doesn't have to be polka dot...hehe.


  1. I'm on a dress hunt for my husband's graduation too! Good luck!

  2. Vintage 80's? Am I that old? Good Lord! I had some of these in my closet! If I had only known they would be cool again... :)

  3. I love the pretty woman-esque red and white polka dot! SO CUTE! :)


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