Basic Cake Design

I am starting a 4 week cake decorating class tonight and I am so excited! I have been wanting to do this for years now and now I'm acutally doing it :)

I will be learning the basics for now and will hopefully learn some more advanced stuff this summer. But in the following few weeks I hope to make all kinds of new cakes...and hopefully some tutorals as well!

So on my to do list of things to learn and make are some of these sweet cakes I've found around the blosphere.

1. Rose Cake
Wow. This is so beautiful and according to her tutorial it's easy to make...Hmm not so sure about that but I definitly need to try this cake!

And look at the inside.
Find the turorial for this cake HERE

2. Ruffeled Cake
I must really like the white look right now. Another simple and yet very elegant cake.
Find the tutorial HERE

3. Basket Weave
Wow. This cake is so smooth, I can't believe it's just buttercream!
AND I am blown away by how simple this basket weave is to make.
Check out the tutorial HERE.

4. Circle Design
Wow! Yet again another tutorial that seems so easy to make and yet makes a beautiful cake!
I never actually thought I could make any of these great cakes...but maybe I can!
Find the tutorial HERE.

5. Cars Cake
I have a little brother in law who just turned 5 who would love love love this cake!
I will have to learn how to make it for his 6th birthday.
Find the tutorial HERE.

Do you have any cake tutorials that you love? Please do share!

I can't wait to start leaning how to make cakes. My goal one day is to make some wedding cakes. Hopefully in a couple years I can look back on this and have learned a lot.

Since I'm going to actual classes and learning how to do things I was thinking about {once I am more skilled} doing a series on here walking you step by step through cake design.

The series would be from the very beginning.
So how to cake a perfect cake, homemade cake and icing recipes, buttercream basics and then move on to some more advanced things like fondant later.
Would anyone be interested in this?! Let me know!


  1. Cake decorating is a blast and I am sure you will love it. If you have any questions I happen to be a cake decorating instructor and I would be glad to help.

  2. That first one is so cool! I have thought several times about taking a cake decorating class....for fun, of course.

  3. wow these cakes look so beautiful! & I bet are really fun to make!

  4. Fun! Fun! Fun!!
    I took cake decorating classes a few years ago. Really enjoyed it because you can eat your mistakes! ;)
    Please share your pics!


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