Baking Fail

I posted a few days ago about some fun Easter crafts and recipes and I have had an idea brewing around my head  for a while now of a fun dessert to bring into my office.

So last night I decided to fnially try it out and hopefully post a fun tutorial for it before Easter.

But last night was just not one of my nights.

First of all I had to bake a cake and two batches of frosting for my 2nd cake decorating class tonight. My cake needs to be flat and smooth. So I make my cake following all the directions so as to make it smooth and flat...and it comes out with like a 2 inch dome on top!!! FAIL

Then I make the frosting which I think I followed all recipe right but it just taste's like eating straight crisco. FAIL

Then I decide to start on my Easter candy idea. 

I am trying to make these cute little easter baskets made out of chocolate. It looks great in my head!

So I use my candy molds to make the chocolate basket bottom {Which I have used this same mold countless times before} and the baskets all turn out ridiculous looking. FAIL

Then I try and make the basket handles. I get my wax paper out and fill my chocolate bottle and being doodinling away. As I finish up I accidently move one of the weights I had keeping the side down {My paper had been rolled up so it didn't want to lie flat} and the paper rolls up destroying all the wet chocolate basket handles! FAIL!!!

THEN I get a fresh piece of paper out, make sure that the weights are in the right place and as I am just finishnig up a good second batch...my chocolate bottle exploded and chocolate went flying all over the wax paper. FAIL!!!!!

So I threw all the chocolate in the sink, left my kitchen a mess and went to bed! Haha. Last night was not my nights. Hopefully my cake class goes better tonight...if I can get a proper cake baked before then that is.


  1. Oh, no!

    I feel your pain about flat cake tops. My best friend is my cake leveler (I got it at Wal-Mart for around $4). Plus, when I'm making 2-layer cakes, I'll flip the top layer over (after I took off the dome) so that the "crumb" layer of frosting will not have too many crumbs.

    Are you taking a Wilson decorating class? I took that class and LOVED it!

  2. Sorry for the mess ups. Happens to me all the time, haha. Oh well, it happens right? Hope the class goes better!


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