My Husband the Artist!

Jason took Film History at FLC to cover his creative arts requirement. Well low and behold we get to Azusa and it doesn't transfer. So he has to take an actual art class. That's right Art 150:Intro to Art. A real hands on art class. lol well I'm the artsy one in the family and yet it's not me who is taking the class, it's him! I think it's very funny and probably good for him. For those of you who don't know, Jason is a MATH major. And well painting is not really his thing.

Anyway he had his first take home project this week, painting and a collage. He wasn't very happy about it. So I had fun while he was painting and took a few pictures. His project turned out pretty darn good too! He had to make a collage of all his favorite things. Things that described his life. Just thought this would be funny to post. I had fun watching him paint! I think he secretly enjoyed it ;)

His Masterpiece :D


  1. Jason used to be very artistic...at least when it came to our friend John. :)

  2. lol!!! Jason just told me the story of John..you two are very weird. lol!


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