10 Day you Challenge: 7 Wants

Seven Wants

I was torn on this list. Should I list my spiritual wants such as wanting to lead a life worthy of the Lord. Or should I do my silly wants such as a beautiful kitchen. I couldn't decide so I made two lists.

Seven Wants: Important

1) Learn Greek
I already know Hebrew (although I need to brush up on it) and I deeply desire to learn Greek so as to better inform my reading of scripture and to better teach my children.

2) For my husband to trust in my and be proud to cal me his wife ~Proverbs 31:11

3) To memorize so much scripture that I cannot even count it all. I need to come up with a master list of all scripture I want to memorize...

4)To raise my children (Lord willing) up in the Lord ~Proverbs 22:6

5)To write a book.
My husband and I already have two ideas, we just need to start writing!

6) To homeschool my children.
This is a deep running desire that Lord willing I will get to one day fulfill.

7) To look back on my life at the end and to know that I did not waste it. I want to run the race well and finish strong (1 Timothy 4:7) not according to my own or the worlds standards but according to God's (Matthew 25:23).

Seven Wants: Less important but also Fun! 
1) A Kitchen Nook
I posted about this a few days ago, but would you look at that? So comfy!

2) To purchase our first home

3) To read one book a week (depending on length)
Not fiction books, but rather theological books that have a lasting impact. I'm averaging about 1 book every 2 weeks. I gotta step it up.

4)To launch my new website.
 I have already purchased the domain name and set up the wordpress. Oh it's very exciting. I'll give you a hint: It's geared toward Young Wives! I just need to finish it...

5) To travel to Israel, Italy, Rome and Egypt.
This is more important to me than visiting any vacation spot in the world. I would love to walk the streets that Jesus did one day.

6) To learn to sew well enough to make my entire wardrobe from scratch

7) To have 6 kids-Yes 6! :)
Hubby wants 4....we may have to compromise!

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  1. Enjoyed reading. I can't wait to hear more about your website geared toward's young wives!


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