10 Day you Challenge: 10 Secrets

Okay, I am jumping on the band waggon for the 10 day you challenge. It sounds like fun :)

I apologize, but I do not know how originally started this challenge...I just keep seeing it pop up all over the place. Please let me know if you know who started it!

The first days challenge is: Ten Secrets

1) I like change
Yup. I crave it. I get bored with out it. If things are going the same way for too long, I'm ready for a change! My husband thinks I'm bizarre.

2) I don't really like chocolate.
It's not that I hate it, I just don't crave it or really care about it.

3) Dairy makes me sick.
I don't know if you would call me lactose intolerant but I can't drink milk or too much cheese without feeling very queasy. And yet I eat ice cream anyway Haha

4) I wish that I could write better.
I'm trying to improve my writing skills. I just don't know where to begin!

5) I really dislike talking on the phone.
I will email or text all day long. But the phone? No thank you.

6) I don't pray nearly enough.
I go in and out. Some days are better than others. God is convicting my heart that I need to be in constant dialogue with Him.

7) I only have a handful of scripture passages memorized (if that).
God has been convicting me of this for years. I try and start and then nothing ever happens. I am trying (With the Holy Spirit's help) to change this. I am currently memorizing Luke 12:22-31 and I have about half of it down now.

8) When people put scripture in their blog posts or books, I have the terrible habit of skipping over them.
 I have been really working on that one for the past year!

9) I struggle with Pride.
Oh yeah! Anyone agree with me on this one?

10) I would rather sit at home with my husband any day of the week than go to a party.
I'm a home body.

Okay maybe we should call the last few 10 confessions not secrets. I have been working on being more up front with the areas I struggle in.

We all need to be open with out brothers and sisters in Christ to help each other walk this straight and narrow path we are called to walk on (Matthew 7).  

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