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I started a new position this week. I work at a University and while in school I have been part time and was just hired on full time this week into a brand new position. Praise the Lord! He is so good!!

But anyway I suddenly found myself in a new desk and area that was in some bad need of decorating. I have more decorating to go but for now I am so happy with the few things I made.

I began this process by making a bullitin board to pin things to. Well as I added the fabric and elements it just got too cute-so I made it into a photo/scripture board and I Love it!

I work at a Christian University and love that I can hang things such as Proverbs 31 on my wall. This now sits to the right of my computer.

On the right side I printed Proverbs 31 with a cute little sewing machine above it. 

On the right side I put a beautiful picture of my Hubby and I. With "Established 2009" above it <3

This is how it looks hung all nicely on my beautiful red wall next to my computer. 

I also made a cute lamp to match. I used the same fabric to cover it and the same lace. I just need to get a light bulb now!

I still have work to do but this is what one corner of my desk now looks like :) I'm so happy with the results. 

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  1. Adorable! It looks so nice :-)

  2. I also start decorating my whole office interior and I also do some creative crafts that I decorate on my office to make it attractive.


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