I officially graduated college last night with my bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies and History.
Hubby and I right before the ceremony.

Mom and I before the ceremony.

I feel so blessed and my mom and in-laws and brother-in-law were able to come. 

A big THANK YOU to all my family who have been so supportive!!!

And of course the biggest thank you in the world to be loving and so supportive husband!! I could not have made it through without your for the last three years! You walk with me every step of my bachelor's degree. 
Thank you Jason, I love you so much!

Love my Family!

Now I am on VACATION for a week! I am so excited. PLUS I will be designing my new website this week!!!! Details coming soon....


  1. What a wonderful day for you and your family, Jami! Congratulations!! I know that the Lord has great plans with your and Jason's life together and now that this step has been accomplished, He will continue to show you the next steps. It is only the beginning. I pray for you to grow in wisdom and love of the Lord, and that you and your hubby will continue to lean on Him and trust Him to lead you every step of the way, even as you have done.
    Congratulations, again, on this accomplishment which the Lord has allowed you to finish.
    "Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit." Ecclesiastes 7:8 (one of my favorite verses)
    Love and Congratulations,
    P.S. You look so beautiful!


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