Great Resources for Being a Godly Wife/Mother

If you can't tell from my last post, Being a godly wife and mother has been on my heart a lot lately. A lot.

I am so excited that I feel God calling me to be a homeschooling stay at home mother and wife.
My husband and I have always felt this calling for our family and are excited to see God leading us there.

During my studies lately I have come across a lot of great resources that I thought I would share with you.

# 1: My hands down favorite book of all time on being a godly women is The Excellent Wife! I think it is a must have book! I will be buying it and the counter part {The Exemplary Husband} for every newlywed couple I know!

If you are only going to buy one book during your life time on being a women. This.is.it!!!!
Go to my post HERE to read a little more about why I love this book. Then GO BUY IT! :)

#2: I love blogging so much and love all the wonderful ladies I have met. These are just a few of the great blogs and website I have found on being a godly women!

1. Wendy @Faith's Firm Foundations {Wendy has become a dear blogging friend of mine! Please go check out her blog. She is a homeschooling SAHM of two grown children and is the epitome of the older Titus 2 women! She has so much wisdom to share and is always ready to follow God's calling in her life. I whole heartedly recommend Wendy's site}

2. Amy Bayliss {She is a wife and mother and has so many great links and words of wisdom on her site! She is also the lovely lady behind A Women Inspired...my next blog to highlight}

3. A Women Inspired {A great site that does online conferences throughout the year! I attended their One Marriage conference and feel so blessed to have found this online ministry}

4. At the Well...In Pursuit of Titus 2 {The name speaks for itself}.

5. Melinda @Coming Clean: Confessions of an Imperfect Parent. {I found her blog through A Women Inspired. She was one of the amazing speakers and her site is packed full of fun and thoughtful posts and resources}.

6. Extravagant Grace {This is also a wonderful site packed full of great resources. I never fail to calm my spirit and bring it back to God when I am over there. She also has really cute buttons with scripture on them for anyone to enjoy on their site!!}

7. Grace to You Blog {John MacArthur's blog. Enough Said :) If you are not familiar with this amazing Pastor, Please go check out this site today. He has a TON of free resources on his website}

8.  Sarah Mae @ Like a Warm Cup of Coffee {Sarah Mae's blog has been such a blessing to me and I enjoy stopping by and hearing her sweet wisdom every day. She is also the lady behind Raising Homemakers...a wonderful new website! See below}.

9. And last but definitely not least is Raising Homemakers {Oh how joy filled I am that Sarah Mae and others have stepped out in faith and have decided to start this blog. It is a baby blog...just launched last week...but already it is one of my favorite! Go check it out right now! It is all about Raising our daughters in how to be godly women, wives, and mothers.}

There are many more that I want to share with you but this is good for now!
*Disclosure: While I love each and every one of those blogs there may be things on some that I do not 100% and totally agree with! Comment or send me an email if you have any questions about those sites or what I believe! I would be happy to talk to you! jamibalmet(at)hotmail(.)com

# 3: Now on to a resource that I am oh so happy to share with you and have just recently discovered!!!
I have a commute to work now...one which I have not had in a few years. So to stay awake on the road and because I enjoy it so much I have been listening to many sermons in the car! I pretty much listen to two sermons a day now on a normal day and have been loving it!!

A GREAT place to find fantastic conservative sermons is
Go to the website scroll down and go to Media Vault. You can then search by books of the Bible, Topics, Ministries {such as college ministry or women's ministry}, and by speaker.

Most of the sermons on Shepherd's Fellowship are free! You may have to make a log in but that is also free and you have access to hundreds of sermons by some really fantastic pastors and women's ministry leaders such as:
John MacArthur
Rick Holland
John Piper
Al Mohler
Phil Johnston
Elyse Fitzpatrick
Steve Lawson
Martha Peace
And so many more!!!

Access to these great sermons has been such a blessing in my life!
Thank you to the ministries and faithful givers at Grace Community Church who have made this happen :)

What other books/blogs/websites have you found? Please share with us! I always love learning about great new resources!!!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing all of this! I'm excited to check out each and every one of those blogs later :-)

    I have heard goo things about "The Excellent Wife" and I think I might just order it on Amazon today :-) Another really good book is "Beautiful in God's Eyes" by Elizabeth George. My Sunday School class studied it a couple of years ago, and I learned so much from it! It basically picks apart Proverbs 31, and relates it to today's women. I loved it :-)

  2. Sarah Mae has great posts about homemakers. Like you hinted to, when reading anyone's blog we must make sure that we test it and hold it to God's Word for the final say. I'm going to check out that book that you suggested myself - I'm with you on being prepared {even years before I will be a homemaker myself}.

  3. Jami,
    Thank you! You have become a great blogging friend to me, too! I'm grateful to God for you, your friendship, and your heart for the Lord! I went out of town and came back to this wonderful post, for which I'm truly honored (and humbled). It is a great honor, which I don't deserve, to be listed among these incredible sites and resources! Thank you so much!

  4. Jami, do you believe that all women are called to stay at home as homemakers and housewives? I clicked on the "Raising Homemakers" link, and some of what I read really concerned me. Not all little girls will grow up to be called to stay at home, and to teach them that pursuing anything else is ungodly seems very sad to me.

  5. Jami, thanks for your extensive and well thought out comments you left in regards to my question. I know that you and I have very different views regarding female roles, etc., but I don't see anything wrong with differing opinions, so thanks for sharing your perspective with me! :-)

    I've been reading a lot about the Christian patriarchy movement recently, and so I've been hyper-aware of all things male headship/ female submission.

    I'm so glad that you are perceptive of your calling to stay home and homeschool your future children. My only concern is when girls are told that their highest Godly calling is to stay home, because I don't think that is everyone woman's calling. How tragic if God has a different plan for a young woman and she is made to feel less godly because she doesn't feel called to be a homemaker and mother!

    I'm motherly by nature, but I don't know if I will ever have biological children, because I feel called to be a mother figure to my students and possibly adopt one day. I don't think that this calling of mine is any less godly than the calling of a woman who feels led to serve at home.

    I agree that raising well~rounded little girls with a gamut of skills is a very good idea. However, if my little boy showed interest in the domestic arts, I wouldn't hinder him...and if my little girl preferred to play soccer instead of bake, I don't see that as a problem. But once again, if I were to teach my little girl how to clean house, cook, etc., I wouldn't want her to feel limited in the sense that, "Since you're a female, this is what you're called to do, even if your interests and God~given passions lie elsewhere."

    Thanks again Jami!

  6. Hi Jami, this is my first time here. I just happened to come across your blog online. Not sure how lol I know you don't know me but I would love to get to know you because it is sooo hard in todays time to find Godly women friends, and other people I can talk with who have the same love for Jesus. If you want, you are welcome to email me at Pink_BabyGirl88@yahoo.com. Just put your name in the subject bar so I know it's you.

    Anyway, thank you for posting those wonderful links. very helpful!!



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