Happy Anniversary!

Today is my in-laws 25th Wedding Anniversary!!

They have been married 25 years today! They are such a great example to us and we hope that we will be just as in love when we hit our big 25! We look forward to another 25 years celebrating and living life with you :) We love you both! You are such an inspiration to us and truly teach what it means to have a Biblical God-honoring marriage. Thank you from all of your kids for being such a godly example.

Surprise Party # 1

So this weekend we were all sneaky and threw them a surprise party! It turned out great but at times was really hard keeping it a surprise.

We had the party on Saturday. It was great! Our parents live about 500 miles from us so I flew up on Thursday morning and my mom and my sisters in law spent Thursday and Friday shopping and cooking. The my hubby drove up Friday night after work and we surprised them on Saturday! My in-laws didn't even know we were in town!

It was a great surprise and a terrific weekend ♥

Here are a few pictures from the wonderful party!




The Balmet Family

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad


  1. Congrats! What a lovely godly heritage!!!

  2. Hey Jaymes...what a sweet thing! I'm sure you threw a wonderful party - I know what you mean about keeping a surprise. That is HARD work! I'm sure they were absolutely thrilled! More party details??? What a blessing to have Godly parents to inspire your life! Talk to ya soon girl, ~K

  3. Thanks for your kind words and prayers my dear! You are a blessing to know, and I'm thankful for your friendship! Now onto your question about stamping. Well, it's probably easier to show you: if you want to check out my stamping blog, here you go: www.cottagestamping.blogspot.com
    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Hugs, ~K

  4. How fun for them!!! What an awesome tribute to your in laws. And it is so awesome to have an example of a marriage that truly promises to be together for life. 25 years. Way to go!

  5. Hi James! It sounds like a wonderful weekend!! Congratulations to your in-laws on their 25th! I really loved the photos you posted. You and hubby took a great picture--how sweet; and now you've celebrated a year--did I miss it?? Or did I congratulate you? Oh, the memory, I sure do miss it! That is a wonderful photo of his family, too--so nice to get a good photo at important family gatherings, but so hard to do! You did it!
    Well, wow, you've been busy. Are you doing ok with all the changes that have taken place? Take it easy, ok? Praying for you guys!

  6. Many congratulations to them!! :) Love the pictures!

  7. PS.

    Just had to comment, and say I loved reading your "About Us" page. :) I wish I lived in the 50's too!! We *must* be kindred spirits!!! :D


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