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Have you ever felt that little jolt as you look down and see that you have no cell phone reception? Usually we are upset because we can't send that text that seems so important but really it doesn't matter.

Well what if you are camping and get hurt? You may not have service and could be miles from help. This situation can cause a panic but if have SPOT Satellite GPS messenger than help is just a push of a button away.

SPOT Satellite GPS messenger is 100% guaranteed to work because it works solely off of a satellite base. No pesky cell phone towers to worry about. This allows the system to work anywhere in the world.

This is a must have for anyone who is often outside of normal cell phone range. Hunters, campers, fishermen, and hikers need one of these messengers to ensure their trip goes safely.  

With the messenger you can even do things like send text messages to friends and family telling them how many fish you caught or when you will be home for dinner. The uses of this satellite capability are nearly endless. You can even update your facebook and twitter while on the hunt!

And now this system is more affordable then ever. This holiday season if you buy the SPOT Satellite GPS messenger you will get a awesome adventure kit that's worth $50!


SPOT Satellite GPS messenger

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