Thankful Thursday #4

It's Thursday once again and that means, Thankful Thursday!
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1) I am thankful for being able to go to college. I had to recently write a paper on academic progress and why it is important. It got me to thinking that I take advantage of the position I am in. So often I just think about that fact that when my hubby and I graduate we are going to have a LOT
of student loans to pay off. Yet we are in such an amazing position. As Americans living in the present age we have more access to education than any other people in history! And yet so many people become apathetic about their education. College is seen as a time to party now and to just have fun. Yet they are missing the real point. I am so thankful that God has given me the skills he had to be successful in College.

2)I am thankful for my Hubby. I am a dreamer and I am a planner. About this time next year I will be applying to Grad schools so of course being the person I am, I have been adamantly searching for a school for the past 6 or 7 months. hehe. He is so supportive of me when I'm day dreaming about where I want to go. My most current dream is to attend NYU. They have an AMAZING ancient history program that would be perfect for me and for some reason for the past year or so I have really really wanted to live in New York City. I will most likely not end up there but the Hubby is so supportive of me dreaming and talking about it...a lot!

3) I am thankful for Christmas decorating! The Hubby and had a ton of fun last night putting up our decorations. Our apartment is all ready for Christmas and we are in the Christmas mood :D.

4)I am thankful for our home group at Foothill Church. We have had one thing after another come up the past 2 or 3 weeks and haven't been able to go to bible study. But we are getting back into the swing of things tonight and are excited to see everyone! *Happy Birthday Stevie*.

5) I am thankful for the little moments. I am pretty busy throughout the week. I am taking 17 units and I work 30 hours a week not to mention taking care of the Hubby, cleaning, and homework. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE what I do. I LOVE where I work and most of all I LOVE my classes. I LOVE being a biblical studies and history double major! But sometimes it gets busy and it's those little moments in the day that get me through. Such as being able to take a few minutes and post a blog :). Or waste some time on facebook or sit down and just talk with the Hubby. If only for a few minutes. Thank you God for those little moments.

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