Advent Calendar

I had fun this year and made my first home made advent calendar!
I started making one for myself and decided to make one for the In-Laws..I gave theirs to them over Thanksgiving and never ended up making my own..haha woops!

I got the patter for this from CopyCrafts and I am so glad that I did! It turned out soo good!

The first step, making the tree!

Stephani helped me finish it! She loves crafts like I do! We had fun!!
The ornaments..they took FOREVER to make...haha

The finished product!
On December first the ornaments are all turned over. They each of a scripture on the back that tell the story of Jesus.
Then each is flipped over until Christmas day and by then you have a pretty decorated tree!

This was the first craft project I've had time to work on in a loooong time and it was soo worth it! Check out CopyCrafts' Etsy page Here!

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