It's Friday!!

It's FINALLY Friday!!!!!

This week has been far too long!
But I'm looking forward to tonight! Friday night's are our relaxing nights!
While finals just finished this week, during the semester Friday night is the night we don't do ANY homework. Every other night we are, but Friday is our night to just relax and bond.
And that's tonight!!

It has been a brutal finals week...now time to relax!!!

I'm excited, I am going to make some yummy home made pizza! And then catch up on the tv shows we missed the last TWO weeks, then watch a movie and in the mean time..I'm going to play with PHOTOSHOP!!!

I have been in Love with photoshop lately.

Anyone else obsessed with it to?

I need to make a new layout for after christmas, I made this one your looking at by the way :D. And I'm working on installing a menu bar under the header (The beginnings of this are starting to appear). And I need to make a new layout for Our Wedding Photos page.

So new changes happening soon now that school's done!
And also I really really really want Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium!!!!!

*sigh* Maybe for Christmas...next year!

So anyone got any fun plans for this weekend?!?

Any fun Friday night dates?

I have a date with my hubby, some pizza, movies, mabye playing some wii, and my lovely laptop :D

It's gonna be a GREAT night!!

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