Thankful Thursday # 6

Thankful Thursday! Soo in case you weren't aware, today is Monday. I am a litttle behind on my blogging this week. It was finals week last week and with Christmas coming up, and we had THE busiest weekend...anyway I'm going to get back on top of blogging! :D

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

So in light of the end of the semester I am going to say the things I am thankful for this past semester.

1) I am so thankful for my Hebrew professor. I was soo nervous about taking Hebrew. I mean, it's a crazzzy looking language. So completely different than English. However I had the most amazing professor! He lived in Jerusalem for 20 years, he really knows his stuff! Hebrew quickly became my favorite class this semester and I am so thankful for amazing professors!

2)I am thankful for my Ancient Near Eastern History professor. okay well actually my Hebrew prof and history prof are actually one in the same. But I had to mention him twice because he is one of my favorite prof's I've ever had. This class was particularly important to me because I am looking at getting my Master's in Ancient Near Eastern History. This was a tough class but totally worth it! I loved every minute of it!

3) I am thankful for how much my Hubby did this semester! In case you haven't heard, he worked full time and had a full load of units (17 units to be exact!!). I am sooo proud of him! He is providing for us and also working his butt off to finish his degree!!! All the while he is maintaining an excellent GPA...he is graduating in May with honors!! (In fact he is in the top 10% of his class!!! :D So proud of him). And next semester he is taking on even more, 19 units on top of full time work. He will be tired, but I am soooo very proud of him. And the end is NEAR!!! :D

4) I am thankful for my Old Testament Theology & Life and Teachings of Jesus Professor. He is a fantastic professor and while the classes were hard I felt like I really learned a lot! I especially LOVED Old Testament Theology. I feel like a much better writer from taking his courses. Thank You :D

5) And lastly I am thankful for what is up ahead. I LOVE history but I also love Biblical studies. When I began my degree I thought I only had time to major in one of those. so I picked Biblical studies. Well I found out this semester that on top of graduating a year ahead of schedule I also have time to add a history double major!! I am SOO excited. I have no clue how I got everything done to early but I'm very excited. I start my history major in the Spring and I'm soo stoked!!! Thank you Lord for making this happen!

What are you thankful about this semester? Have any particularly good classes or professors?

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