Homemaker's Handbook #3: Meal Planning & Shopping List {Downloads!}

Welcome back for the third day of the
Homemaker's month of Helpful How To's

For Day #3 of the Homemaker's Handbook I have some more free downloads for you!

If you are just joining us this week then see the following links to catch up!

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How to assemble {And make pretty} your Homemaker's Helpful Handbook {HERE}

What Goes Inside: Calendars and Budget Forms-Free Downloads {HERE}

Now we are on to my next section.

Meal Planning

This is my second most important section of my handbook!
I have taken note from some of the great bloggers about doing a meal plan and I.Love.It!

I have been doing a weekly meal plan now for about a year and I can't imagine what I did before.

So this is what I use: Meal Planning

I sit down every Sunday and plan out the meals for the week. My husband loves this because I try to make one recipe a week. So I let Hubby get my cookbooks out and pick out a new meal he would like. 
I love our system because my job is easier and quicker and hubby gets to pick out some yummy food. Plus if the recipe is no good then it's not my fault! hahaha

This is the shopping list then that I use to go with my meal planner. 
I fill it out at the same time as my meal planning.
This is a combination then of the meal planner and shopping list on the same page.

Here is also a list of other great bloggers who offer free downloads of meal planners and shopping lists:

1. MoneySavingMom has 11 different downloads for meal planning! Plain, Simple and Ready to Print!  Check them out HERE 
2. MyComputerIsACavas has a wonderful idea! She took a created file and turned it into a really cute hanging for her kitchen! Find the tutorial HERE  ADORABLE!

3. Okay TipJunkie has done it again! This shopping list is adorable!!! Find it HERE
4. Another great meal planner from FamilyFun.com. Download yours HERE 
5. Tippy Toes has another great one. Colorful! Find it HERE

Do you have your own version of meal planner to use? Share it with us!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these! I have to make a menu plan too or else I'm completely lost.

  2. Jami! Thanks for doing this Homemaker's Handbook! I love this section! I find that menu making and shopping is the hardest! for me! These different template all look so handy and I may end up using one of them that really seems like it would help! I am just catching up on your posts on this handbook but do you clip coupons?? My husband has taken a lot of interest in this and to me its overwhelming! Any suggestions or do you have a section in your handbook for coupon clippings?

  3. I do believe that we need to plan our meal ahead of time and it can save you time when you prepare your meal in advance too. I think that it all depends on who can fine the time to do that many of us don't have the time knowing our busy life style.

    I must admit I have never wrote down my meals plan on a spread sheet before but your look very interested indeed I'll definitely think about doing that next time. Thanks for sharing. I LOVE YOUR BLOG THEME I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS TEMPLATE IN BLOGGER BEFORE. http://www.donnetdataentery.webs.com


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