Our Wedding

My one year Wedding Anniversary is just one day away!! I cannot believe that I have been married to the Love of My Life for a year already!

It seems like just yesterday that I was getting my final dress fitting and making final plans and in other ways I can't remember what life was like before we were married. 

This first year has been absolutely amazing! We have hit so many milestones already and can't wait for the many many more to come!

And so because I am on vacation and bonding with my love, I will leave you with a few pictures from our oh so perfect wedding! 

Waiting for his Bride

I Do.


  1. Congratulations on a year! Your wedding was beautiful : ) I am the same way-it feels like just yesterday that we got married, but I can barely remember what life was like before marriage. It's wonderful, isn't it?!

  2. Hey Jaym! I hope you guys are having a WONDERFUL anniversary get-away. It looks like such a beautiful place you're staying at! Can't wait to see pics :-). You certainly deserve some major R&R after the last few weeks - soak it all in girl! If you're back it town by tomorrow night (Monday), we're having our very first chat over at Windy Poplars. I'm so excited! It's at 10pm ET (so that's 7pm your time, right?). Would love to chat w/ you then (and get to hear about your get-away!)! Hugs and Happy Anniversary Wishes, ~Kristin

  3. Those photos looks amazing!! Congrats on your Anniversary!!

  4. Hi again! Thanks for stopping by this morning to say hello :-) We had a nice weekend. My sister and her fiance' graduated from college, so it was full of travel, food, family, and fun! We're EXHAUSTED, but I get to be home today to recover which is perfect. Hope you had a blast on your getaway! See you tonight if you can make it, and if not, I TOTALLY understand! Moving is hard work! We'll have another chat sometime soon (if people like the idea)... Happy Monday to you :-) Talk to ya later, ~K

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary! Beautiful pictures!


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