My Hubby-The Graduate!

I am so extremely proud of my husband!!

Can I brag for just a minute? Okay..I will!!
My amazing husband just graduated with his bachelor's degree in Mathematics (I know, YIKES!) in the top 10% of his class. Yes, he is a genius! ;)

Not only did he graduate in the top 10%, but he did it while working full time for his last year and taking an over full load (19 units!!) of classes. I am so very proud of him and so very very happy that he is done with his degree! 

Here are a few photos from this weekend! He graduated on the 8th. 


  1. Wow, your husband must be busy! Congrats to him :-)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to the graduate (and his wife for sticking by him :-))! I'm sure you're so proud and thrilled! I've missed you here in blogland - glad you're back :-) Having a chat over on Windy Poplars tonight if you get this soon - 10pm ET, so 7 your time. Super last minute, but I'll look forward to chatting w/ whomever shows up! Oh, and you're welcome for the cards. I had several friends (IRL and Bloggy) going through finals week. I remember how stressful that is, and I just wanted you to know that you weren't going through it alone! Talk more later...


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