How to Do Black Friday

Black Friday for some sounds like fun and for others it sounds like pulling teeth. However whether or not it is "fun"  to you may be irrelevant. Prices are going up, up, up and like it or not, Black Friday has some amazing deals. So if you are heading out still full from last nights dinner and blurry eyed from not having been up this early in years, you had better grab a Peppermint Mocha on the way and remember these Black Friday rules. 

1) Collect and Search all store Ads
 You never know when a great deals will show up at an unlikely store. For instance, I don't normally shop at Sears. Nothing against Sears I just never have. This year I was looking through Sears ad and saw 3 or 4 presents on my gift list for great prices. Now Sears is on my list of stores to stop at. I never would have known to stop there on Friday except that I look through each and every Ad. 

BlackFridayInfo.com is a great website with all the up to date information on Black Friday. You can search through a list of each item on sale at each store, view the scan of their actual ad or search for a specific item, i.e. Apple Ipod, and a list comes up with each store selling that item on Friday. Great resource

2) Make a Game Plan
Most stores on Black Friday only carry a limit number of their big ticket items and once these amazing deals are gone, their gone! So for the big items, especially electronics like televisions and video games, plan on getting to the store when they open or they are likely to sell out before you get there. 

Now a word of warning this year, many stores are opening early this year. Black Friday is starting to turn into Thursday night. Many stores are opening at midnight on Thursday night (or even 10pm!). 

3) Prioritize the items
Doorbuster deals are the reason we get out of bed so early to head to the stores. Doorbuster deals lure us into the stores and they are often the best deals of the day. This also means that these items are often the first to sell out. So prioritize what you want to get. There is very possibly 2, 3, or more stores with doorbuster deals you want. Pick your must have and go there first! You don't want to make a stop or two and get items of less importance to show up for your must have item and have them sold out. If you simply can't live without two doorbuster deals then recruit a friend...

4) Recruit a Friend
Shopping together can be fun, but tag teaming the deals can save you money and heartache. You can head out to Walmart when they open and buy two Cricut Imagines (plus two cartridges) for $187 each (YES! This is a real deal this year!!). Meanwhile your friend heads off to Target to snag you both a new Television. You then meet up after the doorbuster deals. This way you ensure you get the hottest items plus you get to do the less urgent fun shopping now (such as clothing shopping perhaps?). 

5) Get ready for Crowds
If you have never been Black Friday shopping before then just know one thing: There will be crowds. And lots of them! You probably won't have the space to leisurely peruse the shelves as you would like. But don't fret. Go into the Black Friday shopping expecting this. Don't go with plans to pop into a store for 10 minutes and get what you need. This will likely be an all day outing or at least a few hours. give yourself plenty of time and be relaxed. 

Remember what lessons you told your children the day before about being Thankful. And then be thankful. These deals are amazing. But if as you walk up to that perfect coat that's 90% off don't get angry as someone snatches it moments before you can reach for it. Be thankful and be lighthearted as you shop. 

6) Be prepared for long lines
This is a must. Expect the long lines and they won't be as bad. Charge up for your iPhone and make sure you have the newest Angry Birds downloaded. Or store up all your blog reading until you are standing in line. Or better yet, grab a friend who you haven't chatted with in a while. The time will simply melt away as you chat. I always go with my mom 

So bottom line, have fun tomorrow. Yes, it can be stressful. And yes it the crowds and long lines can be horrifying! But just remember to keep to light. Someone of us have to go out shopping on Friday because we can't afford regular price. 

Speaking of, I need to go make my game plan and prioritize my gift list! Only one more day left....

Will you be going out shopping on Black Friday? What stores will you be at when they open?

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