10 Day You Challenge: 6 Places

I took a little break from doing the 10 day you challenge (okay a month long break!!). But I'm back to finish it. I started a new job in September and I have been so tired and worn out from learning it all. But I'm starting to get the hang of it and need to get back into blogging, I miss you all so much! :)

6 Places
1) Go on an East Coast trip with my Husband
My mother's family all live in Pennsylvania and I when I was a kid I would go back there and every summer (We live in California). A couple summers in a row I would go for 1 1/2 - 2 months at a time. I feel like I lived part of my childhood in Pennsylvania. My grandparents would take me all over the East Coast from Canada down to West Virginia and everywhere in between. My husband has been on the East Coast once for a family trip when he was younger. I dream of taking him back to explore all the places I did as a kid and enjoy that together :)

2) I want to take a cruise of the Mediterranean Sea (Nervous about getting sea sick though!). This cruise would stop at the rest of my 6 places....

3) Italy
The beauty. The history. The food! 

Again, the beauty and the history! I am a huge history fan, especially when it comes to Biblical history and learning the Bible better!

5) Jerusalem (Israel has a whole):
Oh the history! To walk where Jesus walked. To follow the path of Paul's missionary trips (see the previous destinations!). To understand the culture and the geography. Sounds Amazing!!!!!

6) Egypt
Egypt is last on my Mediterranean list so if I can only pick three then I pick Italy, Greece and Israel. But come on, Egyptian history is fascinating!!! And still lots of Biblical history to learn!  

These are all dreams of course. Dreams I'm not sure will ever be fulfilled but dreams none the less. :) France should be on this list as well as #7. :)

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