Make your own Light box for under $10

Have you ever tried to take photos of close up small objects and the lighting never comes out right? I have been selling stuff on Ebay for years and now I'm about to launch an Etsy site. And I have always had trouble getting the lighting right on photos!

I never have time during the day to take photos out in natural light.
 If I use the flash on close up photos then the picture comes out as one big flash. 
And if I don't use flash then the photo is too dark and blurry. 

Well I have discovered the perfect solution to this problem!It's called a light box. You can buy light boxes and light tents at photography stores but they can easily run you $100 or more! So because I'm frugal I set out to make my own. And as it turns out...it's quick, simple, and cheap to make your own light box!

The photos end up looking so professional:

Go HERE to check out the tutorial on my other blog: Sister's Sweet Creations that I do with my sisters ♥


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