Thankful Thursday # 8

It's that time again..Thankful Thursday!!!!

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

So here goes...five things I'm thankful for.

1)I am so thankful for the Lord providing for us. We live in a very tough economic time and some days are harder than others but the Lord provides and we are so thankful.

2)I am thankful for my family. We had such a fun time visiting them over Christmas and I now miss them very much! I can't wait until we move back up there (Lord willing).

3)I am thankful that God has introduced me to the wide world of blog and web design. It has become such a joy in my life lately and while I do not any time to play with it I hope to one day in the future have time. I'm hoping to start making free blog templates..so check back in the future for those! But I might not get to them until this summer :(. But they will come, I promise!! :D

4)I am so thankful that my wonderful husband installed Photoshop Elements on my computer 2 years ago and until this year I have barley ever used it. And now I am fortunate enough to already have it and I use it every day! :D Next up...CS4 ;) Maybe next year for Christmas *Hint, Hint, Hubby are you reading this ;)*

5)I am thankful for the weekend!!!! The weekend's are always busy but also a wonderful time. On Friday's my husband and I have a rule that we do absolutely NO homework! And it works beautifully. It helps us because it takes the stress off. We can for one night forget about all our responsibilities and just bond with each other and relax. And yes, you guessed it, Friday night is when I normally do my web and blog design :D So excited for tomorrow night!!

I feel so blessed and this email could go on for miles. Thank you for listening to be ramble....what are you thankful for? I pray that you think about it every week. So often we can get wrapped up in our world's and our problems and we forget how God has blessed us. It's always a wonderful time to remember what we are thankful for each week and also to praise our God for this.

What are you thankful for this rainy wonderful weekend?

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  1. Here from Friday Follow, I'm following and looking forward to seeing you new blog banner:)


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