Need a Pick me up?

Does your Spiritual life feel like it's standing still?
Do you feel like your first response to something is not the godly response?

Do you wish you knew Scripture better?

I DO!!!
I feel like this all the time!

But I want to encourage you to change this!! Don't be content with mediocrity!

I want to encourage you to not sit no the sideline with your faith watching life fly by.

An amazing thing that can change this is by getting into your Daily Scripture reading again, or first the first time. if you've ever been diligent and read each day God's word, then you know what I'm talking about, If not, then start today! You won't be sorry!!

When I'm in my daily reading, my life drastically changes. I find my thoughts focused on God much more and my responses become more godly. I find myself in prayer constantly, sharing my day with Him.

And wow, I feel like there's nothing like reading the Old Testament! So often as Christians, our entire focus is on the New Testament. For obvious reasons. and don't get me wrong, I LOVE the New Testament. But let me tell you, I think the Old Testament is wonderful to study!!

Now part of this could be because my degree in in an Old Testament emphasis, but I can't help it!! The Old Testament is fundamental to understanding our faith! When people think of the O.T. they often think of one word: LAW. And while there is law (and law is not a bad word...God's law is beautiful when looked at in the right light is actually something to find delight in! *check out Desiring God by John Piper for more on this..*) the O.T. is chocked full of history, narrative, and some truly amazing stories of God's interaction with his people.

Soo anyway, enough rambling...I want to encourage you to READ! And trust me, I understand being busy and not feeling like there's enough time in the day. But God's word is far too important to pass up. Turn off the TV 20 minutes early, get up in the morning early..do something to make sure that your daily reading becomes a priority. Often, my sleep suffers so that I can get to my reading for that day. But you know what? It's totally worth it! ;)

One of the easiest ways I've found to get into daily reading is by following a daily schedule. Randomly opening the Bible each day is not going get you to keep to it and is not really a good way to learn from it. My advice, if you have never done it before or it's simply been a while is to read the Bible cover to cover. I know, sounds intimidating! But the entire story of our Faith comes to light when you see the whole thing laid out like that. It's beautiful!

So I thought I would point you in a good direction to get started. I feel like following a schedule really helps me to stick to it. It's somewhat of a goal to accomplish each day. (But be careful to not make this about checking one more thing off your list. That's not what it's about. But rather the schedule can help keep you on track).

1. The one I am taking part in right now is the 90 Day Challenge. This is an intense schedule that if followed will get you to read the entire Bible in just 90 days! Wow! And while the schedule I am following started January 1st, you can start it any ol'day. Just pick one and start! Go HERE for more details on this challenge and to find the schedule.

2. I found a website hosted by the ESV translation of the Bible (An excellent translation that I highly recommend or the NASB another favorite!) that has a few reading options on it. One that I find interesting is "The Chronological" reading of the Bible. Apparently it takes you through the bible in a year chronologically...not sure how it's different that normally reading it cover to cover..but let me know if you figure it out ;). They also have the classic way of reading the bible in a year which has daily readings from the Old Test, Psalm, and New Test. Check it out HERE to see their different schedules.

3. And here is a third alternative that's a little different. You can find the schedule HERE. This one has you reading from 7 different genres in a week. Mon starts with The law, then History, then Psalms, then Poetry, then Prophecy, then the Gospels, and finally on Saturday you will read a selectionsof Epistles (Letters). This is a very interesting way to read it and seems like it might get confusing but please let me know if you do it and what you think about it!!

Well thanks for putting up with my rambling.

I hope some of these sites will help you. And please let me know if you find another schedule you like better. I'm always on the lookout for a new schedule to read and recommend to others!

Happy Reading :D


  1. Friday Follow :) I'm reading through the Chronological Daily Bible this year too! I love it!

  2. I'm reading through the Chronological Daily Bible this year too! I love it!...oh, and I found you through Friday Follow!


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