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In our technology age, the gadgets and phone we use everyday get replaced so quickly. Each time I get a new cell phone I wish there was a way to cell my old one. For years Ebay was the only real option online and that can be really hard to figure out. 

But I recently learned about a new site called uSell.com.

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uSell offers CASH for old cell phones and other electronics. For instance a recent cash offer they just had was for the iPad 1 for $250. Not bad when trying to save up for the new iPad 2. The website is very easy to use. 

Just go to the site: Cash for Your Cell Phones and Electronics and type in the device, model or brand. I currently have a Droid X cell phone. So I enter that into the search bar. It then asks me questions about the product such as is there water damage and is the unit working. Then companies come up showing you the top cash offers. My top cash offer was for $125 which is awesome considering I bought it for $200 new! 

The website is really easy to use and you get to see what amount they are offering right up front. This is great when deciding whether selling your old camera is worth it or not. I think I have a new favorite selling site.

What do you think?

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  1. Sounds interesting! We have a few electronics we could sell.

    How are you doing, James? Haven't been over for awhile. My brother and nephew just left and we've had an eventful summer. Hope you're doing well:)
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