My Second Attempt at Fondant: A Success!

Yesterday I posted about my first fondant cake & my first two tiered cake.  The two tier's turned out great and I'm so glad I know how to do that now but the fondant wasn't the best looking. I had some left over cake and fondant so I experimented for the second time and my second fondant covered cake turned out much better. 

I used the homemade marshmallow fondant from the cake yesterday and worked some color into the whole thing. The fondant took the color so easily. I loved it! 

I know that it is no where near perfect but I am pretty happy with the results. 

And I used the same AMAZING blackberry filing in this cake as yesterday. I have been getting rave reviews about the filling. I will share the recipe just as soon as I can find where I found it from. I just printed it out and can't remember the source :( I'm looking for it and I'll post it soon...hopefully!

But for now here is the great fondant recipe I have been following:

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  1. Another awesome award-deserving cake. (I thought the first one looked great, too, though:)
    Keep up the beautiful work, James!


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