Matching Pink & Tiffany Blue Cakes

I made these cakes for two girls graduating high school who had a joint party. I love how fun and bright the colors turned out!

Katelyn's favorite color is Tiffany blue so for her cake I made it mostly blue with pink accents

This is a close up of the top

And for Carissa's cake we went with mostly pink with tiffany blue accents:

I wasn't sure how the color combo would look at first but I LOVE how they turned out. 
Here is the top of this one:
I love the look of the little flowers all over the cake. Cute!

It was fun being able to use cute and girly colors rather than just their graduation colors. {which one of them was green and orange. Ick! I'm glad we got to use pink and blue}

Each of the cakes had one layer of Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese frosting, one layer of Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting, and one layer of vanilla white velvet cake with a lemony butter cream and blackberry raspberry filling. 


  1. beautiful... do you mind sharing the recipe for your cakes? :-D That vanilla cake with lemon buttercream sounds amazing!!

  2. Those cakes are so adorable! Wow! You do a fantastic job!

  3. Your cakes are just getting more and more adorable! Love that black and blue one w/ the ruffles that you want to try...thanks for the shoutout! Happy Thursday to you!


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