Back to School..For the Last Time!

I don't have a lot of time {or energy} to write anything long or profound right now.

But I wanted to share with you all what I'm up to this week.

I started my senior year of college. Yup.
 In a few short months I will be done.

I will be graduated with my bachelors degree in Biblical Studies and History come this May!!

Part of me knows I will probably never use this. Part of me is already getting stressed and wants to be done. Part of me wants to solely focus on my Etsy shop and other ways of figuring out how to work from home.

The other part of me loves it!
The other part...
Loves sitting in class soaking up lectures...
Reading the Bible for school work....
Learning how to read the Bible in it's original languages {Hands down best part of my education}...
Loves knowing that the education I receive now will help me be a better mother and home school teacher...
Loves not having to work my boring secretary job full time like I do in the summer! Know it's only nearly full time ;)...

And so much more!

God has blessed me with a wonderful position to get an incredible education and learn some amazing things!

I will be content in this moment and throughout this year knowing that I am following God's will and learning important things that I can pass on to my kids.

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  1. I have a BS in Christian Ministries. While I don't use my degree professionally, I do use it every day in teaching my children, in the ministry I work in at church, etc, etc. You may never pursue employment related to your degree in Biblical Studies and History, but trust me, you WILL use it! Keep up the hard work. Bible school is tough, especially when you have other commitments. But it is SO worth it.

  2. Jami,
    May you always be excited to learn! And I'll pray that this year will go very, very well for you! I'm sure it will be full of adventure, and learning new things in the Word, as you apply yourself to wisdom. May God Bless You as you do all to the glory of God!


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