Hair Clip Organizer *A Tutorial*

So as I hope you know by now my sister's and I have opened an Etsy shop recently and have been busssy making all kinds of yummy accessories! {There's a link to our Etsy store over there on the left ;)}

And now all of a sudden I have dozens of headbands and hair clips falling out of all kinds of places and getting in my way.

So I decided that I need to make something to organize them all. And I came up with a cute picture frame to hold them all! And it let's me see with once glance what I have on hand. It's perfect!

What do you think?
{I took these late last night and the lighting is not the best! sorry}

Okay so now on to the tutorial. I want to make one of these for every room in my house!

1 Picture frame of your choice {I got mine at Michael's on clearance}
Fabric or paper of your choice
Cardboard poster board for backing
Ribbon of your choice to match your frame and paper
Hot Glue Gun
Wooden Pegs of some sort to hold headbands and necklaces {optional}
Paint to match
Box cutter/Exacto Knife

1. Paint the Wooden Pegs
You don't have to do these pegs on it if all you want is it for hair clips but the pegs are necessary for me!
I got a thing of red paint at Michael's for $0.50 and painted the wooden pegs.

2. Cut the Cardboard or poster board to fit inside your frame.

3. Cover your board with your fabric or paper.
I was originally going to just use fabric and then found this fabulous wrapping paper at Micheal's! The wrapping paper turned out great!
Glue your fabric/paper on the backside so that the whole front is covered.
{Fabulous right?!?}
4. Putting the Ribbon on
 Now this next part is a little harder if your challenged at making straight lines like me!
Take your Ribbon and cut as many strips as you want going across your board. I have a lot of big hair clips so I made only 4 rows. You may want to make more if you have a lot of little.
Take the cut ribbon and hot glue it onto the inside rib on your frame. Make it the closest thing to the outside so that you can put your fabric covered board behind it.

5. Put the Pegs in. 
 This was the most time consuming part for me. I took the pegs and traced the bottoms of them on the back of the board. Then I took my box cutter and gently cut out the small circles. Then I placed the pegs into the holes and covered the back with hot glue.
Wait for it to dry and then...

6. Gently place your backing into the frame.
 Be careful not to catch your pegs on the ribbon.

Now I didn't secure the back boarder to the frame because the way the rib along the back worked allowed me snugly put it into place. But you may want to glue it into place or at least put a few pieces of tape.
And all done!

Believe me...it looks much better in person! In fact when it was done it was so pretty i didn't even want to put my flowers on it! lol

{I'm also thinking of making some black and red flowers to glue on the corners! So cute}

If you make one let me know! I would love to see what you come up with.
Now I just need Hubby to get home and hang it up for me!


  1. That's such a cute idea! I'm so making this for a gift at Christmas.

  2. Oh what a great idea! I didn't think about that...haha wow Christmas is going to be cheap this year ;)

  3. I would love to make one of these and even though I am not crafty, your tutorial made it look easy enough! Thanks for sharing.

    I am a new Friday Follower. Would love for ya to come visit at my blog.

    Critique of the Unique

  4. Cute blog with really cute ideas! I am a new blog hopper who just found you - and am now a follower! Please come visit me.

  5. hey there! following you from FF :) Hope you have a great weekend!
    Dawn :)

  6. What a great way to organize hair clips! Such a great idea! You make such fun projects. Thank you so much for all the wonderful inspiration.


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