Spring Fashion Trends!

So this week I am participating in The Writer's Workshop hosted by Mama's Losin' It! A cute blog I just found today! I am excited to take part and hope to do this each week! It's a fun way to get your writers block UNblocked, meet new people, and have some fun along the way. Click on her button below to go to her site and join in on the fun!
Mama's Losin' It

This weeks assignment: List your top 10 “Spring Trends.

1. Fun Spring Colorful Jackets!

2. Fun Fabric Headbands!

3. Vintage Inspired Polka Dot Dresses {The pictures of these are a little funny...love the clothing..don't love their website..haha}


4. Vintage 70's Inspired Dresses

5. Vintage 50's Inspired Dresses {Are you spotting a trend yet?!? Dresses? Vintage inspried?? haha}

6. White Purses {Classic I know. But I always love bringing out a white purse this time of year!}

7. Fun Feminine Skirts

8. And of course with all these cute dresses and skirts you can't be without the cute White Cardigan

9. Cute Feminine MODEST Swinsuits {Do you ever have the HARDEST time finding cute, feminie, comfortable and modest bathing suits? I DO! All the stinking time haha}

10. Sassy White Heels

So I think I'm seeing a trend developing...white and dresses! Haha although not necesarrily together ;)

And I know my favorites may not be new or even fashionable ;) But it's what I love this season!!

This was fun! What are your favorite new Spring looks?!?


  1. I love white purses but I never buy them because i'm always afraid I'm going to get them dirty : (
    And I have seen SO many cute modest suits out this year!! I usually can't find any, they are all so frumpy but I started noticing them a month or two ago and they must be "in" right now because they're adorable, they're modest and they're everywhere! yay!

  2. Hey Jami! Oh, you are too sweet! Thank you for your kind comments...and those coming from someone like you who has a super fabbo blog herself just mean so much! :-) Love your trends - I'm all about the vintage feminine too, so who knows if we'll be in style girl, but we'll be out of style together lol! I'm really liking the white too. Just last year I bought some white pants, and was brave enough to wear them. Like Natalie, I used to just look at them and think "yeah right" like they're going to still be white at the end of the day. But once I bit the bullet and realized that that was what Tide to Go was invented for, I'm all about white! Got a pair of bermudas, and two skirts in white too. LOVE them! Hope your day was a good one... ~hugs~

  3. Jami, I LOVE vintage, but that may be because of my age:) Actually I'm 7th of 8 children-youngest of 5 girls- so many of the" so called " vintage dresses remind me of when I was little and the clothes my sisters use to wear:) I love that era anyhow. FUN!

    And by the way, thanks for commenting on my blog! Before email became so popular, I use to write a lot of letters to family and friends, and they often commented that it was just like talking to me in person as I write just like I talk...I guess?:)

  4. I love everything you pictured! Great styles! Have a great Tuesday!

  5. That first jacket is adorable! And of course so is the rest! Love the swimsuit! I think you're right tho about black and white stuff... Can't go wrong with a domino look.

  6. i adore the jacket!!! and the skirts, dress... well, everything! i'm dying to get out of my maternity clothes. i miss spring fashion!

  7. I think you made a great point. One that I have been thinking about as well. Thanks for the update.



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