Happy Resurrection Day!

Happy Resurrection Day! I have been a little MIA this past week, it's been our Spring Break :D So I've been of course relaxing getting all those little things done I've been putting off. But it has been a great week non the less!!

Last Week Recap:
1. My wonderful Mom and two of my brothers came to stay with us for 4 days. We had so much fun. My mom and I went shopping and I got a ton of super cute Spring and Summer dresses!! We went to Universal Studios and had a ton of fun.

2. After my family left we had some fun getting the house all clean again. Haha no it really wasn't that bad. But I did get a ton of cleaning and organizing done that I have been putting off for weeks now.

3. We FINALLY went Apartment Hunting!!!!!! My Hubby just got a Promotion and will be transfering to another office so we went and scoped out the new area. And it is amazing compared  to where we live now!! We are getting a two bed room two bath apartment that is more square foot than we live in now for the SAME price!!! (We live in a 1b/1b right now!). And the area is very nice and very safe! We are so excited...now just to make sure they have some openings come June!! And we are itching to buy our first home!! We are sick of wasting money on rent and want to start investing in a home..but we will {hopefully, Lord willing} be moving back up to our family in the next year or two. Until then we are excited about our new apartment!!

4.My Hubby's graduation is coming up in May and I couldn't find any Grad accouncements that were just right so I've been busy making one.

What do you think?

5. Aaw and now it's Easter! We had a great church service this morning and then lunch and now relaxing! We should be doing homework...but hey it's Our Lord's Resurrection Day!!! :D On a side note we just had an earthquake here about 5 minutes ago! Didn't seem to be too big...probobly about a 3 or 4. But still...Earthquakes always shake me up a bit ;)

Happy Easter and I hop you all are having a great day resting and celebrating our Lord's Resurrection!


  1. Hey Jami! Sounds like you've had a great Spring Break! So exciting about your apartment findings. That's GREAT that you'll be getting twice the apartment for the same price! When does that ever happen these days? Oh, and I think the graduation announcement looks fabulous. It's classy and masculine and artsy. Well done :-) We had a very nice Easter today, and I'm glad to hear that you did too! Back to real life this week, huh? Talk to ya later girl!

  2. "Oh, and by the way, we just had an earthquake"???? Jami! I hope you're doing ok! (Your grad announcement looks wonderful--great job! and congratulations on graduating magna cum laude! to your hubby) Have lots of fun looking at apartments--I enjoy doing that kind of thing myself:)
    Happy Resurrection Day!


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